Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catching Up!


hey baby girl. Sorry mommy has been so busy and haven't had time to write to you. I have been working a lot at El Mariachi and when I come home I'm too sleepy to do anything. I don't have to work tomorrow {finally!} so I'm up late writing to you.

You are asleep right now. You have been sleeping better at night. Only waking up once around 3:30 for your bottle and going to sleep right after I burp you. You look so peaceful and comfortable when you sleep. You sleep on your side and back. I always put a blanket on you but you always get your little {chunky} legs out. Because you still sleep in your bassinet {I know your a little too old for it but you love sleeping in it} by my bed I can hear you breathing and every now and then I'll hear a little sigh from you. It's the sweetest thing.

The last day I wrote to you was a week ago. I'm trying to remember everything we did last week. That's why I want to try and write to you as much as I can because it's only been a week and I already forget what we did :(

On Wed. { May 4th } your daddy came to see you! He got here around 8. I was at your Aunt Debbie's working on my resume to send to Public Dept. She made my resume so good. Hopefully mommy will get a job there. {fingers crossed*} You were already asleep when I got back but mommy and daddy got to spend some time together! I was happy to see him :) May 4th was also your Aunt Corina's 20th Birthday! She had a test in Morgantown so we didn't get to see her on her birthday :( Here's a picture of you and Corina right after you were born!

You woke up the next morning { Thursday May 5th }  really early. So we went downstairs with you and let you play with all your toys. Around 8 you started getting sleepy so we all went back upstairs and slept for another 2 hrs. We got up and got ready and headed to Bob Evans for lunch. Mmmm it was so good. Your daddy and I got breakfast and then shared blueberry crepes. We were stuffed. Daddy had to leave right after because he had practice at 4. Baseball, hurry up and be over. After your daddy left I dropped you off at daycare and headed to work. It was Cinco De Mayo so we were pretty busy. 

Friday { May 6th } we woke up and laid around and played all day until I had to go to work again at 5. Again, work was really busy. It's crazy how many people come to eat there. I had a test the next morning in Morgantown so I made note cards to study earlier on Friday but because it was so busy I didn't have time to study at the restaurant so Mommy stayed up until like 1 studying for her test. 

The next morning { Saturday May 7th }. We all got up early: me, you, and your grandma and headed to Morgantown. Your grandma drove so I could study. We got to Morgantown around 8:45 and we went to mommy's apartment. You and your grandma stayed there while I went to take my test. I think I did pretty good on the test. I came back and we started packing up my apartment. I had SO much stuff there. I didn't know I had that much stuff there but I guess after living there for 3 years I would have that much. It was kind of sad packing up. I've really enjoyed living in that apartment. I have met a lot of really nice girls who have been my roommates through out the years and I am still friends with ALL of them. I'm really going to miss living with Steph. Out of all the 3 years she's the one who was with me through it all. She has been there for so much. I met your daddy for the first time at the apartment too  that's where we spent our first days getting to know each other too. 

I always wonder why I decided to transfer to WVU out of no where and now I know why. To meet your daddy so we could have you ♥ ♥ 

I also went through my whole pregnancy with you there and that's where you lived for your first month. A lot of good memories there but I am glad to be out of Morgantown and in Parkersburg with you and close to the rest of my family. Now all we need is daddy here. But after 100 trips up and down the 4 flights of steps { yup mommy lived on the 4th floor, walked up and down them EVERY DAY. Even when I was pregnant. DEF not going to miss them at all } we were done packing. Your aunt Corina is staying in my room because my lease isn't up until August so I guess if I miss it that much then I could always go and stay with her. Everything is still packed up in your grandpa's truck I've had NO time to unload everything yet. 

After we packed we headed to the mall real quick to do a little shopping. When we got there we saw this little stand of Bow boutique! We bought you these cute ruffled bloomers with a gold & blue ribbon on the butt! Next we headed to the Baby Gap. Oh man, they had the cutest stuff. Your grandma and I just went crazy started grabbing stuff and awe'ing over everything. We didn't even look at the price tags. We got up to the register with all the stuff we picked out and the total came up to $75! I wouldn't have paid that much for it { not because I don't want to spend that much on you because trust me, I would give my last penny for you, but because you grow out of your baby clothes so quick & half the time the clothes get dirty from your baby food and spit up } BUT your grandma spoils you way too much, surprise huh? & she bought it all for you. I can't wait for you to wear all your new clothes. Your such a stylish baby.

We then tried to find mommy a dress to wear for graduation. I am so picky that I couldn't find anything. I need to find something graduation is less than a week away! We went to Forever 21 and mommy bought a few things. I'm obsessed with that store! I'm going to miss not being able to shop there since they don't have one in Parkersburg. I'm going to have to make a trip to Morgantown just to shop. We ate dinner real quick and then headed back to Parkersburg because mommy had to work, again :(

I got to work at 5 and we were SO busy! You spent the evening with your grandparents. At work I started to feel sick. I think I was just exhausted from everything that past few days. You came in to work with your grandparents. After they ate we all left. Mommy went to Krogers because I didn't want to get sicker esp. since Mother's Day was the next day. I wanted to feel good so I could have a good day with you.

I'm going to write about Mother's Day in a different post because this one is so long.
I love you 

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