Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mommy's Birthday & Graduation


Hey baby girl. Sorry mommy has been busy again. I debated on writing to you tonight because I was so tired but I couldn't help not to. I really wish I wasn't so tired in the evenings so I could write to you everyday. With working everyday, online and taking care of you it gets kind of busy and I don't want to waist all my free time on the computer.

The last time I wrote to you was the night before my birthday. That night I had asked your grandma if I could just sleep in the next day { my birthday } until at least 9 because you are a morning baby and we are up by like 6:30 every morning. Your grandma said yes. 

Well the next morning { mommy's birthday } your grandma walks into the room.. it's 7 am. And surprisingly your still asleep. She takes you out of the room and lets me sleep. Well, at 7:30 she comes back in and says she forgot she needed to meet someone early and that she had to go. So much for me sleeping in. One day I'll get to sleep more than 5 hrs and get to sleep in. Maybe when daddy is here with us I'll get to. 

Later that morning we went to garage sales with your great grandma. And then came home and hung out and played for a little awhile. I put you in one of your new outfits from Gap with a matching bow. Then we had to take pictures of me and you on my birthday.

After our pictures we headed to Fusions because mommy wanted to eat some Sushi for my birthday. We met a few of your grandma's friends there and had some delicious food! At the place we ate, if you had 6 people with you the birthday person gets their meal for free. So mommy ordered the most expensive meal: lobster tail, shrimp and scallops mmmm. Plus some delicious sushi and of course desert at the end :) Mommy had a good birthday dinner. It was your first time at Fusions too. You just watched the guy. I think you were a little confused. 

After dinner at Fusions we met another one of your grandma's friends at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was getting kind of late so you fell asleep. Mommy stayed long enough to get a chocolate cake with ice cream then left. Mommy was tired and knew we had a long day the next day. But mommy had a good birthday spending the whole day with you! :) Thank you for making it a good day. 

I know I've been slow at writing to you. I wrote the beginning of this yesterday and was too tired to finish and now im finishing it today. Today is your daddy's birthday { May 19th } he is 23 years old today! We didn't get to see him because he's still in Buckhannon finishing up with school but he'll be here tomorrow.

But back to my birthday weekend. The next day was mommy's graduation. { May 15th } We got up kind of early to get ready because we had to drive to Morgantown. Mommy was very tired so I slept the whole way to Morgantown. Once we got to Morgantown we picked your Aunt Corina up and headed to wear the graduation would be. I wanted to get there a little early because I had no idea where it was going to be. We got there and found a good parking spot. { I'm glad because mommy was crazy and bought a really high pair of heels and couldn't walk too far in them } 

So we got there and took some pictures and then it was time for the family to leave and for all the graduates to line up and get ready. I got to be beside my good friend Kiersten in the line up so I was happy about that. I was sooo nervous. We walked in and sat down and listened to a speaker and it was time for our names to be called for our diplomas. Oh man, for some reason mommy was so nervous. I think it was because I didn't want to fall on the stage. Mommy doesn't wear heels too much and these ones were extra tall. I was so nervous that I don't remember crossing the stage or them saying my name. It was over in just a few seconds. All that for just a few seconds. Either way mommy is so happy to have gotten her degree and that you were able to be there when I got it.

After graduation we talked with some of my friends after and then headed home. It was a long day so we went to bed right after. Here are some pictures from graduation.

Sophia, I want you to know that you had made mommy's birthday and graduation so special. I didn't really have anyone to share those days with because your daddy couldn't come because of baseball and anymore mommy doesn't have as many friends as she used to. Becoming a mom has changed a lot of things. So I got to spend those days with you and honestly I wouldn't have spent it with anyone else. 

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