Sunday, May 27, 2012

Random Question

I know I have already posted twice today but Sophia is napping so I have a little time to get on here for a random post.

Gary and I have been house hunting for a couple weeks now. We found a house we really liked but it was a little out of our price range. We were still going to make an offer on that house until yesterday. Yesterday I saw that there was a house for sale that was a great price so we decided to drive by and check it out.

We drove by the house and the woman saw us and came out. We actually knew her so she said that we could come on in and look at the house. It was perfect. She pretty much re did the whole inside. It was a perfect size for us, clean AND it had an inground pool!!! 

I loved it but there is one thing that concerns me. I noticed there was a huge cell phone tower or electicral tower in the neighbors yard AND I'm pretty sure there is another on one of the neighboring streets. I didn't think anything of it until I came home and talked to my neighbor about finding a home and she mentioned a story she heard about towers like that causing brain tumors in children.

I then freaked out and started telling myself that the house was probably at a lower cost because of that reason and that's why the woman is leaving. I think crazy things. So I decided to just google it. Bad idea. There were a lot of people on there saying that they would never live near a home with those towers and then some were saying they have lived by them forever and nothing has happened.

So now I'm torn. We're meeting with the woman and the realtor again this evening so I'm def. going to ask them if they've experienced anything. I'm also taking my dad with my this evening. He works in power plants and is pretty much the smartest man in the world so he'll be honest with me and tell me what he thinks. {I still ask my daddy first before I do things.}

But I also wanted to get on here and ask all of my blog readers what they thought and if any of you live near one of these towers, if you've noticed anything because of it.


  1. I couldn't help but to notice your link up on Megan's blog. Sophia is one GORGEOUS little thing. And so are you. I'm glad I found your blog :)

  2. I'd ask around to some neighbors that live around there. They'll let you know if anything has happened. Asking your dad is good too. Hope everything goes well.

  3. We've had a few friends who lived close to electric towers (basically their backyards) end up with cancer. Maybe it's coincidental? But then you have to also think on the real estate side too. My husband and I just bought our second home and if you're thinking of moving from this home someday, the towers may hurt your home value!

  4. First, LOVE the new look. Sophia is PRECIOUS. I am not too sure about the towers, I would research some more. Honestly.

  5. Well, what did you decide? I'd be wary. Trust your gut! I am firmly in the "I don't know for sure, but not in my back yard" camp.