Wednesday, May 23, 2012

100+ Follower Giveaway!

Hello all my wonderful followers! I wanted to get on here to share with you all that I am hosting a giveaway for all my readers, and also new readers to enter!

While I was on vacation I hit 100 followers and when I got back I had 126! I know those aren't big numbers but they are to me. I have been blogging for a while but I recently decided to get out there and meet other bloggers and share my blog. I have enjoyed it so much. 

So I thought the best way to thank all of you was a giveaway! It was kind of hard trying to think of what I could giveaway. I'm not crafty at all so I really couldn't make anything. I mean I could have, but I would have felt bad for whoever won. I thought about ad space but I already do free swaps. I then remembered that I did win a $25 in a giveaway not too long ago and was SO excited.  I'm always ordering stuff online so it worked perfect and who doesn't love money? 

So I am giving away $25 to one lucky follower via paypal! 

This is also great because I decided to make a twitter account just for my blog. I was using my personal one with my name and nothing without my blog in it. I figured it was kind of confusing seeing my random name with nothing about my blog so I decided to add an account. I added that as an option in the giveaway just so I can get some followers on there.  It'd also make it easier for me to follow other people. It's kind of lonely right now. So follow us, we'll follow right back!
Twitter name is: LettersToSoph

But to enter just fill out the form below!
Thanks again everyone!

Oh, and I'm using this as an excuse to keep my blog a little entertaining while I get everything back to normal after being away on vacation. I'll be back very soon, I promise! 


  1. Congratulations on making 126!!! I only recently started blogging more as well:) Yours is one of my favorites.

  2. Congrats on the milestone!! yay yay yay!!! :)