Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Almost Vacation Time

We'll be leaving for VA Beach Friday night and I wanted to get on here and just ramble about how excited I am for our vacation and what I'm thinking now. I know the next couple days are going to be busy with trying to figure out what to pack and getting the house cleaned {I HATE coming home to a messy house}. So I thought I'd just ramble on today :)

Every time we are about to leave on vacation to where I'll have to pack a few days I go into this weird cleaning spell. I actually hate cleaning but for some reason when I know I'm leaving, I'll clean like a mad woman. I don't know if anyone else does this but I'll literally take everything out of my closet and then put everything back in all organized. I'll even get rid of stuff. It's really weird. Gary actually hates when I do it because the house looks crazy! I'll even do it to Sophia's stuff. 

I went into one of these spells this weekend and I think Soph did too. I was folding laundry in our living room and Soph wanted to help so I brought out one of her plastic drawers of clothes and she started taking everything out and putting it back in, just like her mommy. 
{The picture was off my phone, so it wasn't the greatest quality}

So if you can only guess, when I pack it's the same way and I pack way too much! I get real nervous about packing and always overpack because I never know what we'll be doing and what the weather will be like. So I bring lots of options. And not just for me, I pack a ton for Sophia. Gary's family probably think I'm crazy. I could probably stay for a couple months with how much stuff I usually bring.

I think this time I'm going to just sit down and write a list. One of my lovely sponsor swaps will be guest posting about how she packs for vacation and emailed me the post last night and it was perfect! I'll be using her tips before we leave and I will have it up for everyone while I'm on vacation. Oh, and if you'd like to guest post about a vacation you've taken or how you pack let me know! I'd love to share it while we're on vacation to keep this blog not so boring!

But other than my weirdness with packing, we are all SO excited to be in VA Beach for a lil over a week. We have only been able to go for long weekends so I'm glad we'll be able to spend time with family longer. We hope to do a lot of fun stuff now that Sophia is at the age where she can walk and enjoy everything like us. I don't think she really understood anything when she was a baby. 

Only 2 more days until we leave! I'm going to finish this random post with pictures from previous vacations to VA Beach. Enjoy!

Top Left: One of first trips to VA Beach to visit Gay's family in 2009 
Bottom Left: Engaged August 2011 in VA Beach
Right: a little blurry but a few months pregnant with Sophia

One of my favorite beach pics of Sophia. I miss how little she was!

Bad quality, but 7 months pregnant!

Ok so those pictures were really random. You can read and see more pictures from  two previous trips to VA Beach here and here.


  1. Love Virginia Beach. Actually lived up there for a little over a year, well in Norfolk. We were just there for spring break. Have fun! And I ALWAYS overpack.. haha! I feel the same way, you just never know. Have fun!!

  2. I've never been to Virginia beach...would love to go. I feel like I have traveled so much in my life that I have my packing down to a science..always over pack..never under pack. Bring one pair of jeans...just in case and lots of shorts and shirts that can go with other outfits. Works every time!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! And woman you look good that prego! & Post geesh!! I have a vacay guest post if you want to utilize me :)

  4. How exciting, I hope you guys have a great time! Love the pictures, you and Sophia are so pretty! Oh, I am also the same way, I hate coming home to a messy house so I always go on a crazy cleaning spree before I go!

  5. Aw have so much fun! I've only been to VA beach once it was a blast. We have yet to take the boys on vacation, just thinking about all the packing gives me anxiety! lol.