Monday, May 14, 2012

My Birthday!

Today I turn 23. I would have never imagined that at the age of 23 I would be a mother of an 18, almost 19 month old and engaged! It's crazy how much my life has changed at such a young age but I can say that I am truly blessed and happy. 

22 was a great year! It went by too quickly of course but there were a lot of great memories made. 

We are still on vacation so this post will be short but I'm sure there will be lots of pictures and a post when I get back. I'll leave you with some pictures from last year on my birthday!

Look how little Soph was! You can read about my birthday last year here.


  1. Happy Birthday :)
    Beautiful photos!

  2. happy birthday doll.
    Your pictures are beautiful!!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one! :)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA'AM!!! Enjoy! Can't wait to hear about Va Beach

  6. Happy Birthday momma!! You're so yooooooooooooooung!!