Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Cuddle Buddy

I have a confession to share with you all today. First off, after becoming a mother I have become a little paranoid when it comes to Sophia. Don't think I'm some crazy mom but I just get nervous about a lot of things. I think any new mom would. But when it comes to Sophia sleeping in her own bed in another room, I kind of freak out.

Sophia has been sleeping by my side since she was a baby. We pretty much cuddle all night and I love it. There are some nights where I'm SO uncomfortable that I barely sleep but I'm able to feel calm and know that Sophia is ok. I know that she'd be ok in a different room with baby monitors but I want her to feel safe beside me. 

Where we live now Sophia's room is at the other end of the house. I just worry about her feeling alone at the other side of the house or not hearing her when she cries. {I don't even like being at that end of the house alone, there's no way I'm leaving my baby there.. ALL NIGHT!}

When she was a newborn she slept in a bassinet right beside of my bed. I breastfed for a little while so having her right there was so much easier. When she started to get a little older I just started laying her in bed with me. She went to sleep easier and when she would wake up numerous times throughout the night I was easily able to put her back to sleep with her laying right beside me.

When I tell people that Soph still sleeps with me they usually always say "Bad idea, she'll be sleeping in your bed until she's 14." Or they tell me I need to stop it right away.

But honestly there is no absolute way of raising children. Every parent does things differently. But, as a parent you must love their children, love them so much that they know it. And you must do everything you can to keep them safe and healthy. By co sleeping I believe I am able to make Soph feel safe and with all the cuddles I get back from her, she must know I really love her. 

So we plan on co sleeping until Sophia is ready. 

When Sophia does decide to sleep on her own look for a post about my views on sleeping on the floor. I may be sneaking into her room at night, ha! Oh, and please don't think I'm a bad mom  for this. It works for all of us, even Gary and we're all happy. That's all that matters, right? And she's so sweet when she sleeps. I love being able just to watch her before I fall to sleep, with a smile on my face.

Do you co-sleep with your toddler? Or if you did, when did they start sleeping in their own room? I'd love to hear from other moms who do/did this.


  1. With my daughter she slept in the bed with me from the time she was born. When she turned about 6 years old I tried to move her to her room but she wouldn't have it. Eventually I put a mattress on my floor and she slept there until she was about 11, no lie! I have to tell you though I didn't mind it one bit and wouldn't have changed it if I could!

    My son is a different story. He slept in a crib by my bed when he was first born. He NEVER wanted to sleep with me. Eventually I moved his crib to the other side of the room so he wouldn't be so easily wakened when we got up and now he's 22 months and he sleeps in his own room. I don't like it but he sleeps better. If we go somewhere and he has to sleep in a bed with us it's a fight. He loves his crib!

    I'm pregnant now and this one is due in August. I plan on putting her in a crib beside my bed when she is first born. It will really just depend on how she does as to where she sleeps.

    Each child is different. Each parent is different. That is totally okay! Move at your own pace and her own pace & don't listen to everyone else's advice. You guys will know when you all are ready. My son is almost 2 and still takes a bottle at bedtime. Everyone tells me I'm crazy. I don't care!

  2. I say, "to each their own". Every baby and every mama is different. For me, I can NOT sleep when my babies are in bed with me. I have mild panic attacks all night long, worrying that I have smothered them. Would Payton had loved to sleep all night in my arms? Yes. And he still does, but now that he is 3 I don't worry about smothering him, so if he is having a rough night we just put him in bed with us...or I sleep in his twin bed with him.

    Derek is...unique. I cannot figure him out, haha! He loves me but he goes through stages where he is very anti-touch. From the moment he was born I could tell he was different than Payton, and he NEVER needed to be held or rocked to sleep to be satisfied. However, he has gotten so use to sharing a room with Payton that he does NOT sleep well if Payt is not in the room, too.

    I just wish I had a king size bed so I would feel like I had more space to sleep with my newborns. In our queen bed I literally panic all night long if our babies are in bed with us, and no one gets any sleep.

  3. You're absolutely right- ya do what works! Baby K slept in our room until he was 6 months old. It was convenient while I was breastfeeding, but I don't think I could do it anymore. He is such a loud sleeper that I never could get to sleep with him beside me and if I did, I woke up shortly after. He transitioned pretty easily to his crib. I plan on having baby #2 sleep in our room until 6 months of age, too- then hopefully he or she will go to their own room. We'll see.

    If your okay with it, she's okay with it, and your man is okay with it. I don't see a problem! It just wasn't for me :)

  4. you're* ugh, I hate when I do that! ;)

  5. I love this post! I coslept with Hannah until she was 4 months old, and the only reason I stopped was because she slept better alone. Now I am guilty of getting her out of her bed at night and bringing her to bed with me. One day they will be grown and won't want the cuddles. I say get them while you can!