Tuesday, April 17, 2012

“Traumatic”, but Funny Events

So, this is going to be a very random post but I wanted to share with everyone the “traumatic events” that have been going in my life.
Let me start by telling everyone that I live out in the country. There is hardly any cell phone service where I live and I’m pretty much out in the wilderness. I’ve always lived in this area so I’ve grown up around all this.
When I was younger I loved playing outside. I loved getting dirty and catching bugs.
Well, I guess I slowly grew into a girly girl throughout the years because today I am terrified of any bug that comes near me. I scream at the site of a spider and scream and run like a crazy woman.
My family, friends and even neighbors know this about me. They also like to mess with me and tell me there’s stuff behind me so I can take off running while they all laugh.
Well the other morning, I’m sitting on my couch just watching tv with Sophia. I go to touch my hair and I feel something in it. I immediately panic and pull whatever is in my hair out and just throw it on the ground screaming for Gary. He comes in and I tell him to look at the ground and see what I had on me.
We both look, and it’s a freaking tick!!!!
Just thinking about these little creatures makes me sick. We have a little dog that spends a lot of time outside so I start blaming him and telling Gary I don’t want him anymore. Poor dog, I blame everything on him.
Later that day, I give him a bath so I can make sure he didn’t have any more on him. And he had none. So because he didn’t have any on him, I decided I still wanted him.
But we haven’t seen any more since then. Thank God.

The.Worst.Thing.Ever. Happened. I got off work yesterday evening and headed to daycare to pick up Sophia. We head home and I go into our front porch and go inside. We change so we can head back out to enjoy the day. It was beautiful out.
Well I forgot something inside so I pick up Sophia to head back in. As I’m walking in, I SEE A SNAKE. And it wasn’t just laying there. The snake had its head up at me, ready to attack.
 Instead of turning around and heading back outside, I leap over the snake (with Sophia in my arms), screaming like crazy. I get to the front door and I’m so panicked that I am unable to even open the door. So I’m standing there screaming, still with Sophia in my arms.
I finally get inside and I’m running into things trying to get to safety (the couch). I put Sophia down on the couch and call my mom. I’m barely breathing and can barely talk. I finally get out there is a snake on the porch and my mom says she’ll be there.
I’m still freaking out. My clothes were drenched and I couldn’t feel my hands or toes. It was that bad. I couldn’t get in touch with Gary because he was working out so I call one of my good friends Stephanie. I just needed someone to talk to me to calm me down.
I kept saying crazy things like the snake bit me and it was inside the house. I exaggerate and overreact sometimes. Stephanie was able to calm down, through her laughs.
I didn’t leave the house, or move, until my mom got there. She brought my dad and they both looked around the porch and didn’t find the snake. I’m hoping my craziness scared it off our porch.  
I spent the rest of the evening freaked out. I didn’t go near the front door and I looked into each room before I walked in.
I’m going to be so afraid to walk out of and into my house. This morning before work I had Gary walk out first and I leaped off of our steps and ran to the car, while holding Soph.
Poor Soph. She’s going to terrified of everything watching me act like this. I’ve been laughing all day just thinking about what it probably looked like to her or if anyone was watching.
I guess this isn’t really too shocking because of where I live BUT it’s still very traumatic for me and I wanted to share and document this so I can go back and have a good laugh, (or just freak myself out again).
Let’s just hope that there will be no more ticks or snakes the rest of spring and summer.
Have you ever ran into a snake or a tick and have a funny story about it? Leave me a comment about, I’d love to have another good laugh!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Bahahaha! Okay. I had to get that out first. Oh my heavens girl! Sheesh. Dangerous territory! I live in the country too... born & bred. So, I still act squeamish. I have a FEAR of snakes and spiders.

    I've got one story, but it's totally not as funny as yours.. but here goes.

    Summer, my oldest, was about 18 months. Well, we were at my mother's and step fathers house. We were enjoying the new porch and checking out the hot tub, my mother and I. While Summer was running back & forth to her papi up front, since he was working on his 54 merc.. that darn car. Anywho.. so I am standing over the rail with my mom, while little miss priss continues to run back and forth.. then I spotted it. Summer was trying to catch it.. so as the snake, which as a water moccasin, is coming to her, she's running to it. I froze. Immediately. I could not move. I screamed, my mom screamed.. all the while neither one of us could get off this porch. Papi saved the day.. but she thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. She laughs about it ALL the time.

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I would have done the same thing. I always wonder what I would do if I'd have to "save" Soph from a snake, or spider {my biggest fears}. I'm glad she didn't pick it up! Let's just hope our children never see or around snakes ever again. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have a really bad fear of birds, mocking birds to be exact. Last spring I was attacked.. twice! I would make my husband pull up the car close to our house so I could run in. I didn't want to waste any time waiting for him to unlock. And this was all really hard with a newborn. I also REFUSED to walk out dog for months :) I love being crazy.

    1. hahahah i'm laughing so much!! I don't think I've ever seen a real mocking bird before. I can't believe it attacked you!! You sound so much like me. I haven't came home alone this whole week and I sit in the car while my fiance unlocks it and I run in as fast as I can and I leap off the porch in the morning haha That is SO funny! I'm looking up what a mocking bird looks like now. Thanks for sharing!

    2. oh you are very welcome! i am starting to see them again and my anxiety levels are getting high haha!

  3. call scott and patty next time! they are your neighbors :) And me too next time i'm in town

    1. I'm sure they heard me scream! & when are you ever coming back :(