Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Giveaway Winner

Before I get into the winner I wanted to share that my fiance, Gary said he'd cook dinner (as long as I still did the dishes) this evening so that I could get on here and catch up and do a post!! That NEVER happens. He actually thinks I'm kind of crazy when I spend time {hours} on here.

Usually I'm doing mom duties after work. You know, cooking dinner, doing the dishes, play time with Soph, giving Soph a bath and then putting her to sleep. That's how every week night is after work. By the time it's all over I'm ready for bed myself and I never have time to get on here and do a post or catch up on my favorite bloggers. 

So it's 7:30 and I get to blog! Usually I'm on here around 10PM barely awake trying to get stuff done. I'm pretty excited right now. 

But I just wanted to share that. I wonder when it will ever happen again.
Now onto the winner.

{Oh & I started this at 7:30 but didn't finish it until after 10, Sophia wanted all of my attention}


My first giveaway on the blog ended today. 
I was pretty excited to do it and I really enjoyed doing a review for Copy Kids

They agreed to give one of my lucky readers a copy of the DVD & the winner of the DVD is ...

Congrats to Lindsay F at Little Mudpies !! 
Thanks for entering! I'll be emailing you!

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