Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Weekend v.8

We had another great weekend. First off I want to share that this weekend Sophia officially started walking on her own!!!! This is such a big deal to us because she's a little over 18 months! Most of the children her age at her daycare have been walking forever!

On Friday I get a call from my mom saying that Soph has been walking at daycare. I actually didn't believe her because they tell me that she tries to walk all the time but I never see it. But when we got home I def saw it! She'd just be playing and get up and walk over to the couch where Gary and I are. We are SO happy!!

She didn't walk the whole weekend but we're getting there. She is so cute when she walks!

On Saturday we woke up bright and early and headed to the 2nd Annual Walk4Vets. Even though it was freezing we had a good time. We're glad that we were able to be there and support our troops! We couldn't stay too long because poor Soph was freezing.

I had Gary drop me and Soph off at my parents so we can see my grandma. She came over and we went to the store with her. We love seeing nanny on the weekends!

Later that day we headed to Old Navy with my mom. We got so much stuff. My mom and I are so good at finding the best deals. We found shirts that were $2 and $3!!! And they were beautiful shirts! We left with a lot of new clothes!

We ended our evening at the mall where daddy met us and Sophia decided to walk some more! And she also got to ride the train!

We woke up Sunday morning and just watched cartoons and played. {My fav. kind of mornings}. Gary left to go play golf and flag football so it was just me and Soph. We played until nap time and when she woke up my friend Steph was here. She brought over some outfits she bought for Soph and we put her in one of the dresses. She looked so cute. We headed outside to enjoy the pretty day. Soph enjoyed sitting and playing with the rocks. So of course I took lots of pictures.
I took a lot so I'm only going to add a few right now bc I'm running out of time. Gary started night shifts again so Soph and I will be staying with my rents every night {I'm too afraid to stay at our home alone} and the bed at my parents house is so comfy that as soon as I got here last night I went to sleep and didn't even get my computer out.

 I'll add the rest in a post of just pictures tonight, but here are my favs!!

Oh, I just love her cute little smile. Oh, and I wanted to share that this pretty girl in green didn't throw any fits this weekend!! AND this blog hit 10,000 page views this weekend too. I know that's not a lot for other blogs BUT it is for me!! Thanks for visiting guys & we hope you all had a great weekend!

Check back tonight for some more pictures from this weekend!


  1. awww, yay! That is so exciting!!! Sydney was a late walker too so I totally get the exictement! She is so freaking cute! I'm glad you guys had such a great weekend!

  2. Wow how exciting that Sophia started walking!! Glad you guys had a great weekend!

  3. yay on Sophia walking!! That's super exciting. Our Lucas, 14 months old, isn't walking yet and I think I'm ready for him to!! :) Looks like a nice weekend! xo, Kristina

  4. aww yay that is really exciting! she is just sooo adorable! :)

  5. Yay for Sophia walking! Looks like a great weekend!