Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring.. or Summer?


I started typing this post late Tuesday {March 13th} and didn't get it posted
 until after midnight so this is actually Tuesday's post. Ooops.

The weather has been perfect this week. It was so nice today that I skipped my work out after work so I could go straight home and play with Sophia outside. My work out friend Steph did come over to my house and we took a walk down to the river. Wasn't exactly our typical work out but we got to get some fresh air and take Sophia with us.

The weather is supposed to be real nice here for the next couple days. And when I say real nice, I mean 75 degree weather.. in March!! It's even supposed to get up to 78 by the end of this week! It's like it's summer. So I may.. or may not.. skip all my work outs this week because of the nice weather. It sounds like a good excuse to me. 

And I'm pretty sure Sophia loved it to. There were a lot of people out walking and she just said Hi to everyone. The ONLY thing that made me unhappy this evening was all the mosquito bites I got. I didn't think they'd be out already. Oh, and another thing .. a frog jumped onto our front porch and I was too afraid to move. I screamed so loud. My poor neighbors.

After our walk we just sat out on the side walk and I let her just explore and crawl around. The grass was damp from rain last week but once it dries up she'll get to explore that next.

I love watching her react to new {to her things}. I'm so excited to watch her grow and of course all the warmer weather ahead. I'm really hoping there's no more cold weather. This weather is just perfect. I feel happier when the it's warmer out. And warmer weather means more time outside which means more pictures! 

Here's a photo dump of {lots of pics} from our evening. 
Hope the weather was perfect for everyone else. ❤ 
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  1. I love how you chose really cute outfits for her. Makes her look like a little doll. And that pink bow is just precious. xo

    1. thank you! I've got a little addiction with buying her {too much} clothes lol