Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Weekend v.3

It's so crazy how fast the weekends go. This weekend went by very fast even though I didn't do anything. I literally only left the house maybe twice the whole weekend so this post is probably going to be boring.
Thursday evening I started feeling sick and it just got worst by Friday. I ended up going to work anyway and started feeling better by the end of the day. 

After work I picked Soph up from daycare and took her to her grandparents house. They keep her every Friday. Gary ended up meeting his friends for wings and beer while I met up with my friend Stephanie to see The Hunger Games. I started reading the book but I just couldn't get into it, mainly because I never have time to read and when I do I'd rather use that time to sleep. 

But the movie was AMAZING! I loved it and I have been dying to see it again. I like it SO much better than the Twilight movies. I'm going to actually find time and make myself finish the book. I recommend anyone to see it!

I laughed so much when I found that and read it. Steph and I ended up meeting Gary and his friends after the movie and we headed to some small bar in town. Steph and I just talked about the movie and we kept saying how we felt like we were in the games. We are so weird sometimes. 

The rest of our weekend was spent on our couch in comfy clothes. We cleaned a little and slept a lot. I didn't even take any pictures with my camera or iphone, that's how sick/lazy I was. So I apologize on this boring post but I will leave you with this video of Sophia dancing on her pony in her diaper. She's such a goofball with some crazy dance moves. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. i went to see the hunger games on saturday. i LOVED it! and the books are awesome too. all 3 of them!

  2. wasn't it amazing??!! I may go see it again, that's bad lol I need to finish the books now, and of course all the others too.