Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random and Some Links

So it's 6 am and I've been up forever just messing around on the computer. My mom kept Sophia tonight {last night} and as soon as I came home from work Gary and I passed out. So I pretty much went to sleep at like 7pm so that explains why I'm wide awake now. I've had no rest this week while I've been sick so I def. needed it.

So this post is going to be really random.

While I was messing around on here I did see that I {well Sophia} got 3rd place in the Green Photo Challenge at The Paper Mama. I have been entering pictures in her weekly link ups each week but I've never actually got Top 5 so I was pretty excited when I saw that just a little bit ago.

I also created a Facebook page for Letters to Sophia. I always just used my personal page but I wanted to actually have a separate one for my blog. So go check it out and like us. There's only one like so far, and that's me lol I plan on sharing it on FB and Twitter later today.

Yesterday a friend of mine dropped off some Scentsy stuff so I can host a party for the month of April so if anyone is interested in ordering any scentsy stuff let me know and I can get you some :)

I have nothing really planned for this weekend so hopefully I can just relax and start to feel 100% better. I hate missing work so I think I never got any better because I worked all week, full time.

One of my sponsor swaps featured me in a sponsor highlight post at the beginning of this week. Check it out here {thanks Kristy!} I plan on introducing all mine this month!

And if you want to sponsor swap for the month of April please let me know! I'd love to have you.

Now time to hopefully get some more rest before I have to pick up Sophia. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

& here's a picture from Thursday evening, I always feel weird when I don't have a picture in a post. So here's lil miss Sophia playing in the grass.


  1. I liked you on Facebook! Congrats on third place, (although I think Sophia's cute enough to be first!) and that is such an adorable photo of her! She's just too cute! Hope y'all are having a spectacular weekend!

    1. thank you for the like! & i hope you all have a great weekend! :)

  2. Saw your photo on Papermama - Congrats! It was a great one.