Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Weekend v.1

Because my weekends are usually always busy and I never have time to blog, I've decided to just do a recap of my weekend on Mondays or late Sunday evening. The weekends are usually the only time we get to do anything outside of the house {or daycare} and I actually have a little time to take out my camera. So some of these posts may be lengthy but I'm using this for my family as a way to remember what we did.

So today will be the very first of my Our Weekend posts. I know I could've thought of a more creative title but since it's just a recap of our weekend, it works perfectly. Hopefully I will continue this for every weekend and have one for every weekend for a whole year. Join in if you want to and comment and let me know if you all have some kind of recap of your weekends. I may start a link up if there's more people joining. I'd love to see how your weekends were!  And here's how ours went:

// Friday March 9th
I actually don't have any pictures to go with this day. I had a real busy day at work and all I wanted to do when I got off was just go to dinner because I didn't have any energy to even cook. Luckily my mom asked to keep Sophia so Gary and I went to Applebee's. We went straight home and passed out. 

// Saturday March 10th 
Saturday morning I woke up and realized I had left my purse at Applebee's. Who does that? I called them right away and thankfully my purse was still there. I had a hair appointment that morning so I decided to just wait until after to get it. Gary kept Soph while my mom and I got our hair done. I ended up just going a little darker with my hair and some honey brown highlights. It doesn't look too different, but I like it. We were at the hair salon from 10-4. I couldn't wait to get out of there. I picked up Soph so we could head to a birthday party. We got there a little late but Soph enjoyed eating a hot dog, watching all the older kids played and getting pictures taken with her grandma.

After the Lexi's birthday party we headed to Applebee's to FINALLY pick up my purse. Then we did a little shopping at TJ Maxx. I can not wait until warmer weather to dress Sophia in all of her new Spring/Summer clothes! She's seriously going to be the best dressed baby! 

Gary and I had made plans with a few of our friends Saturday night so my mom watched Soph again. She's the best for helping us out so much. But a few of us met at Buffalo Wild Wings for some drinks and food. It was a good time. We ended up having all the hubby's/bf's sit on one side and the girls on the other. After dinner we hung out after at one of the girls houses. We played some beer pong and ended the night with Apple's to Apple's and Bop It. haha.

// Sunday March 11th 
Gary and I woke up early Sunday morning so we could head out and pick up Sophia. We live clear out in the middle of the nowhere and it's about a 20 minute drive to my parents house and another maybe 25-30 into town. Well my dad had told Gary that you could take back roads and up at their house. Gary decided that it was the perfect time to try it out. It ended up actually being the perfect time. The road looked like this most of the way.
The sun was out and everything just looked so pretty. I think we got lost because it took us a lot longer to get to their house. We got to see so much though. It's crazy that people still live so "old fashion
 like. It was 9am and everyone was out doing farm work and just hanging out with all the other neighbors. I saw lots of horses and cows and then we found an old cemetery.
 We finally got to my parents house and Gary left to go work out and Soph and I got ready to head to another birthday party for the weekend. I finally got to put Soph in a dress I bought on sale at Old Navy. She looked so pretty in it and the weather was perfect for her to wear it.
We made it to Camille's 3rd Birthday party! We haven't seen her or her mommy Blessing in forever so it was really nice to finally see them. We also got to meet a lot of very nice people. And this little girl is seriously so beautiful and has the best personality. Her mother is the same way. She is also very talented and blogs over at the Working Mom Journal. You all should check it out! I will be posting another post with more pictures of her birthday hopefully tonight.
We ended our Sunday evening just relaxing at the house with a nap and some tv. We had such beautiful weather which made this weekend so perfect. 

Sorry that was so long but I plan on trying to recap everything in these our weekend posts. I know I will enjoy looking back and reading through these later. I will try and post and share more pictures of Camille's birthday. I promise there will be more exciting things coming in this blog. But I hope everyone had a great weekend & now a great week!