Thursday, March 22, 2012

Little Bits of Happiness v.4

A lot of things brought me happiness this week but yesterday brought me the most happiness {if that even makes sense}. I had made plans with one of my friends all week to meet up and take some pictures of her cute lil boy. Well we finally picked yesterday to get together. We headed out in the middle of no where to her family's property where they keep their horses. OH MY GOODNESS! It was simply beautiful. It was so relaxing, and just amazing. I love everything country and this was perfect. 

So I followed around her lil cowboy and took tons of pictures {308 to be exact}. I was covered in mud by the end of the evening but all the pictures I took brought me so much happiness that I didn't even care. I apologize for all of the pictures, but I couldn't just pick a few.

He is just the cutest little cowboy ever. And I'm pretty sure he'd be perfect for Sophia, what do you think? I plan on adding some more of the pictures from yesterday on here so check back again if you want to see some more country babies being cute 

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  1. Found you at Little Bits of Happiness link up. Your photography is stunning. & yes that little cowboy is a handsome one.

  2. Ohh my goodness!!! The cowboy hat! The jeggings! The HORSES!!! I love this!!!!!!!