Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Won't be posting for a few days. We're actually packin up & on our way to VA Beach! I took two days off work this week so we can go visit Gary's family. I'm pretty excited for our mini vacation. I won't be taking my computer but will update when we get back Monday! :) Hope everyone has a wonderful week & weekend!! 

Oh & before I forget. Soph had her 1yr check up today.. yeah I know we are a couple months behind it but she got her shots and also weighed in at 24lbs and 31 inches long! The Dr. was kind of concerned about Sophia not walking yet but said if she's not walking in a month then to give her a call but I know Soph will be walking then. I'll leave you all with a picture of Soph being goofy with my glasses on last night. 

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