Sunday, January 22, 2012

Camera Help!

I love photography. I could spend all day just looking at different photography websites or pictures on Pinterest. I could also spend all day just taking pictures of my little girl.

I'm not the best at photo taking but I keep getting better {in my opinion}. My parents bought a Canon Rebel DSLR camera two Christmas's ago. I only had the lens it came with so all my pictures were taken with that one, on automatic. Gary then bought me a camera lens that was on sale on Black Friday. It's a 75-300 mm lens. It's ok. It takes good pictures but not the kind I want.

I want a lens that will take up close, clear pictures of Sophia. One that is kind of wide angle. I want to be able to get those close up shots either indoor or outdoor with the blurred background. I was talking to a friend who does photography and she told me to try and get either a 50mm or 35mm lens with the smallest apeture. {That's another thing I need help with, learning the basics of my camera. I found both online, the 35mm is a little more pricey but I don't mind to pay the amount. I save money for myself to buy something each paycheck so I've been saving up for a new lens. I can't decide which one I should get though. 

The website I was planning on buying from is currently out of stock for the 35mm but they have the 50mm. I'm kind of anxious about getting one and was really hoping to order one this weekend. I want to take Soph's Valentine's Day pictures. 

So, after all my rambling I guess my question is.. which lens should I get for someone who is a beginner with photography and just wants clear, close up pictures with blurry backgrounds of my baby. If any of my readers have any advice or tips, please let me know! 

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