Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally some free time

Well, I've probably been the worst blogger ever the past two months. I used to have time to sit down and do a post but now I don't. Maybe it's because Sophia is EVERYWHERE now. I used to think it was hard when she was baby before she started crawling, but this... this is exhausting. I'm usually in bed when she goes to sleep. It's bad. And I hate I'm not posting as much because this is where I share all our stories so that one day I can come back and read these. So, like I said a million times before I'm going to really start my best at posting again. I need to remember these memories, even if I fall asleep with my laptop on my lap, I'm posting.

Things have been the same ol' since the last time I posted. I work everyday, come home and take care of my girl then go to sleep. I have been able take some pictures with my iPhone. I'm going to start using my DSLR more now. Here is what we've been up to according to my Instagram pictures.

1. Cartoon drawing of me and Gary that this guy drew of us at my works dinner last Friday. Check out my eye brows haha. 2. Coffee mug that one of my co workers got me, it's perfect. 3. Sophia napping on Mommy. 4. Hanging out in her carseat. 5. Bath time fun. 6. Pretty girl! 7. At dinner for me and Gary's 3 year anniversary. 8. Picture from this summer that's at my desk at work. 9. Picture of me and my girl before I left for work.

Sophia is currently taking a nap so I have been able to mess around on here. I decided to change my blog look and use a template I got from ShabbyBlogs. I am starting to really like the vintage/shabby look. 

We stayed with my parents last night because Gary had to work real late and I didn't want to be at the house alone. I was going to leave super early to head back home but we had an ice storm last night and everything is covered in ice! So Soph and I have jus been hanging out here. I plan on heading home soon and then we have a birthday party to go to if the roads aren't too bad! Sophia turned 15 months yesterday so I will be having a post here soon of her monthly pictures & stats. Hopefully this is the first post to many more from here on out. Have a safe and warm Saturday everyone!

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