Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Im back .. kind of.

Hey everyone! We've been back from VA Beach since late Sunday night. We had a really great time just spending time with family. Sophia loved seeing her cousins and I loved being able to shop at my favorite stores that we don't have here. We went to yummy restaurants and even got to visit with my old manager from work. It was a great time. I only got my actual camera out ONE time! I really need to start using it again. I took most of my pictures from my iPhone that were uploaded to my instagram. Here's a few of them..

1. Sophia sleeping on our way to VA Beach. 
2. Old pictures of Gary when he was a kid I found.
3. Sophia kissing her cousin Anthony.
 4. Eating oranges.

5. Cousins playing outside in the nice weather.
6. Practicing walking with Daddy.
7. Crazy baby.
8. Starting The Hunger Games

We got back late Sunday night and had to start working again on Monday. So I've been back to being super busy. Gary's been working until 8 every evening so I've been staying at my parents house until he's off work. So I'm hardly ever home. I also started working out in the evening, just for this week, so when I get home we all go straight to sleep. My house is a disaster and we still haven't unpacked yet. 

Hopefully this weekend I can accomplish some things, relax and get back to a normal routine again. Maybe even catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs. This is going to be short bc I've got laundry to do and then I have to sleep. I have to work out REAL early tomorrow morning before work. Good night everyone! Leaving you with some of my favorite pictures from the pic. Who knew eating spaghetti was so entertaining!

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