Saturday, December 31, 2011

14 months

Sophia, you are now 14 months!
These pictures were taken on Christmas. We had already opened presents and you were sitting in your chair so I figured I'd just take your monthly pictures then.
I didn't have you all dressed up but you still look beautiful as always.
At 14 months you still aren't walking but getting so so close. You have been walking with support of your toys. You'll stand on your own but when you realize that you are doing it by yourself you drop to the floor. I think you can do it, just scared.
You are sleeping so much better now. There will be some nights that you won't even week but if you do it's just you moving around and crying just because your uncomfortable.
You started waving and saying hi and bye this month. It's so cute! You eat EVERYTHING!! Whenever you want something you point at it now. 
Your grandpa has been watching you everyday wile we're at work so your starting to get very attached to him. 
You still love books. And you say Mommy and Daddy a lot now too. Your hair is getting so long and curly. You are wearing 12-18 month clothing and in size 4 diapers. You only drink from a sippy cup still but will have your bottle every once in a while. You take 2 naps a day. You are asleep around 9 every evening and wake up when we get up for work.
You don't like to sit and the same spot for a long time and you are pretty much everywhere. We have to keep our baby gates up all the time because you like to escape. You like to put your toys into boxes and you like to play with toys with wheels. You still love to dance you bust a move anytime you hear a song. You now give kisses when we ask. You just open your mouth and put them on our lips, but I count that as kissing. You hate to have your diaper and clothed changed. You still love bath time and you love to brush your teeth on your own. 

You still love cuddling and sleeping with mommy. You are growing so much and I love being able to watch all of it! Mommy loves you Sophia!

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