Friday, December 2, 2011


So my baby has a fro.

Poor thing is going to have thick, curly hair just like her momma.
Her hair is the curliest, but I love it.

My fro baby is currently staying with her grandparents for the night.
{ And I miss her every time she's there }
I'm very thankful that they want to keep her once a week.
Usually Gary and I are too tired to do anything but we're actually going out tonight!

We're meeting two other couples at a little bar for some food and a drink or two.
Well, I think we are.. Gary's already snoring on the couch.

Thanks to IROCKSOWHAT for my new blog banner :)

Oh, and if your like me and you have thousands of pictures on your computer but none really printed check out Snapfish. They have a Penny Print Special going on where you can get up to 500 prints for a penny each -- that's $5.00 + shipping!! 
The special ends 12/3 -- TOMORROW!
So I'll be taking time out of my day tomorrow to upload all my pics.

Ok, time to get off here and wake up the Mr. and get ready.
Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. I think if Sophias gunna have her mums hair she's gunna be one lucky wee gal, cause your hair is Gorgeous!! (Wicked hair envy here!)
    Have a fantastic night out!!! :)