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A year on Letters to Sophia blog

The Paper Mama did a post where she went through all her posts through out the year and shared memories from each month. I decided to try this out on the one of the last days of this year. I'm just going to add short sentences of what we did that month by quickly reading over posts. I haven't looked back through my old posts so this should be fun.

I wasn't blogging too much at this time. I actually only had two posts this month. One post even said I had forgotten about the blog .. {oops}. I was starting my second semester of my senior year and still traveling home to see Sophia and visiting Gary at his school. 

Sophia turned 4 months. She had her 4 month check up and weighed 15lbs and was 25.5 inches long. I was still leaving her with my mom while I was in class. My mom would send me pictures of her during the day. Gary started his baseball season and was very busy with that. I was busy with my broadcast class getting stories and interviews done on time. Sophia also won the cutest lil Valentine from a local photographers. 

I dropped my computer this month and my hard drive cracked. I ended up being without a computer for a month! I lost all my pictures and videos that I had on my computer. And I had none of it backed up :( I was devastated. I would go to the library to study, but write to you on here instead. This month I learned about Kellie Staats and her story about beautiful Maddie. Her story brought me so much tears but I now give Sophia an extra kiss each night. We spent my Spring Break in Buckhannon with Gary. We got to finally see Leah and Kinsley. On the 23rd of this month made it a year since I found out I was pregnant with you and one of my best friends Kayla found out she was pregnant the same day as me, just a year later. Sophia also started teething this month.

We went to Wolf Trap farms to visit Gary's family. It was a perfect, relaxing weekend. Sophia and I went to the park one warm day this month and she rode we took a walk with her stroller for the first time. Sophia got to meet the Easter bunny and celebrated her first Easter. Sophia turned 6 months! Gary's sister gave birth to Sophia's cousin Adrianna Faith. Sophia started sitting up by herself this month and started "talking". Sophia had a check up at the Dr. and weighed 18.5lbs and 26 1/4 inches long. 

Sophia and I went to one of Gary's baseball games and he ended up being on the news that evening. I started working on the weekends as a hostess at a Mexican Restaurant. Sophia started sleeping better through out the night. My sister had her 20th birthday. I moved out of my apartment of 3 years this month. I had my first Mother's Day and my 22nd Birthday on the same weekend. We enjoyed a sunny day outside just sitting on blankets in the front yard. My friend Kaylee had her sweet lil boy Jace and Soph almost ripped his new belly button clamp off. I turned 22 and graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree. One of the top 5 happiest days of my life! Gary turned 23 and Sophia turned 7 months!

We went on a trip to VA Beach to visit Gary's family. Sophia started clapping! We started fixing up our new home. Sophia started holding her bottle all by herself. We celebrated Father's Day and made Gary a custom card. I got my wisdom teeth out and started a new job at the same job I have now. Gary finished with summer classes and moved to Parkersburg with us {finally}. Sophia rolled over for the first time. We got to move into our home the middle of the month! We started taking walks to the river that's walking distance from our house. Sophia also got her first tooth this month.

We celebrated 4th of July and Sophia wore the cutest lil romper. Sophia finally started sleeping in her crib this month. Sophia got her second tooth! Gary and I started playing on my work's softball team. Sophia and I played around with photobooth on the computer. Sophia became obsessed with The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Sophia started saying MaMa and turned 9 months. And she also attempted to crawl this month.

Sophia started to army crawl. We celebrated our cousins Cole and Emma's birthday party. Sophia started feeding herself with finger baby foods. We spent an afternoon in our yard picking pears and apples from our trees and took some cute pictures of Sophia in a cowboy hat. We met Blessing and her daughter Camille this month and spent a day at the Marietta Water Park!

Sophia stood up by with the help of chairs and other things by herself this month. We went to the pumpkin patch to take your 1 year birthday pictures. I think this is the month that Sophia really started crawling too. And we made yummy pumpkin muffins. I didn't blog too much this month. :(

I was busy getting everything planned for Sophia's first Birthday party. I wrote to Sophia on her first Birthday about our year together. We went to dinner on Sophia's actual Birthday at Texas Roadhouse. Sophia's Birthday party turned out great. My friend that I haven't seen in a long time came to Sophia's Birthday and I got to spend the day with her! My other friend Kayla had her baby shower. Sophia was a cute lil cow for Halloween and we went Trick or Treating. 

Sophia danced to Rhianna. Sophia had some more teeth come through. Sophia started drinking from her sippy cup and started saying "Hi". We spent an evening at Stephanie's house and you played with all of her old toys. My friend Kayla gave birth to her beautiful baby girl Zoey. Sophia turned 13 months! I saw Breaking Dawn and got the new iPhone 4. Sophia started to really try to talk this month. We celebrated Thanksgiving and made a handprint Turkey shirt. We bought our first Christmas tree and put it up. Sophia got her new little chair that I will be doing all of her monthly pics in. Sophia got to meet Zoey. 

I attempted to make Christmas Cards to send out this year. We took our family Christmas pictures. Sophia dressed up in a cute gingerbread outfit. We bought a new washer and dryer. We went to a birthday party and took pictures with another little boy. We did a lot of shopping this month. I started working out, but that only lasted 3 weeks. My grandparents came in from NJ to spend Christmas with us. They took care of Sophia while I was at work. Santa got her picture with Santa. We celebrated Christmas and Sophia had a good time. 

Well, that was fun to look back at quickly read over most of the posts for each month. There is def. a lot more that I could've added but those are some of the highlights.

2011 has def. been a great year. We got to watch Sophia grow from a baby to a lil girl. We have learned so much from her and are still so blessed to have her. I can't wait to spend another year with her watching her grow and enjoying every day with her. 
Goodbye 2011! 

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