Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tis the Season to be... Freezin!

So, I've been horrible at updating my blog this week. I'm a busy woman. This post is going to be another random one recapping everything that's been going on since the last time I posted.

First thing I wanted to share is that I started working out. Wed. was my first day. Tuesday night I posted on my FB asking if anyone wanted to start working out with me before I had to be at work at 8:30. Having someone go with me is my only motivation to go. My friend Julie msged me and said she'd do it. So we started the next morning. I couldn't keep up with her! It's sad how out of shape I am. I'm not doing this to lose weight, just trying to get in shape. So we're going to work out every morning before I have to be at work. 

It is officially freezing here in WV. I get cold so easily so I've been freezing the last couple of days. Soph hates wearing clothes so she hasn't been too happy about being bundled up when we leave the house. It hasn't snowed yet but it's cold enough to snow. 

Another reason why I haven't had time to blog was because Sophia got sick on Wed night with a fever. She was miserable. She couldn't sleep and just kept crying. She didn't want anyone but me. She also didn't want to sleep anywhere except for on my chest, when she did sleep. It was a rough end of the week. I had to cancel working out on Friday morning bc I was just so exhausted from getting hardly any sleep and taking care of my sick girl. She's feeling better now and I caught up on sleep the last two days.

This weekend was the first weekend Gary and I actually got to watch a movie in a long time. This happens once every other month. We watched Friends with Benefits and The Help. I liked em both. 

Saturday morning Soph and I went to Wal Mart with my grandma. Santa was there and Soph got to sit on his lap. She got to meet Soph last year for the first time but she was only 2 months old. This year she acted the same as last year, she didn't seem to care. Just sat there and looked at us. They took a picture for us there but I forgot to pick it up. I plan on taking her to the mall to see Santa and get her pics there.

The rest of the day we went shopping with my mom and sister. I wanted to buy stuff for Gary but the mall was SO packed. I usually don't get frustrated about crowds but it's diff now with a baby. We didn't stay too long. We ate lunch at Panera and stopped at Old Navy. I ended up buying a ton of clothes for Soph. It's so easy to buy for her. Sophia decided to be goofy while we were shopping.

I'm having a hard time this year buying stuff for Gary and Soph. I feel like they have everything already. Every time I ask Gary what he wants he can't even think of anything. And it's the same for me. We don't have any presents under the tree yet. I think we're going to write lists of stuff that we need or want, even if its less than 5 things. And for Soph, the girl has everything.. and more. There are toys from her Birthday that we haven't even opened yet. She's got tons of clothes. I really don't know what to get her. We'll see how my shopping goes, I still have a few days.

My sister stayed with my last night while my mom kept Sophia. Gary had to work until late so me and Corina got to be lazy all night. I miss having my sister all the time. She is currently at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV which is about an hour and a half from Parkersburg. She is thinking about coming home and taking online classes. I really hope so because she might stay with us. We have a spare bedroom. That'd be wonderful.

My mom brought Sophia back to me this morning before Gary had to leave for work. I hate that he works 7 days a week :( Sophia and I miss him during the day, esp on the weekends. Sophia and I have had a lazy day today. We took a 3 hr nap together, that NEVER happens. We're just going to continue being lazy until Gary comes home. 

I don't want it to be Monday tomorrow. I'm excited to work out but not excited about working 40 hrs :( I wanna spend those 40 hrs at home with my baby. Maybe one day. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'll try and do a better job at posting this week.