Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Time is Family Time

I can not believe there are only 5 days until Christmas!! This month has flown by. I have been extremely busy. I think I may have only blogged about 4 times this month. I need to start back up. I know I'll look back and wish I did. I enjoy looking back at older posts and reading what we were up to at the time.

I've been trying to enjoy my very short evenings after work just spending time with Sophia and my family. They are what's the most important to me and I want to look back and remember all the memories we share during Christmas time. 

All our Christmas are bought and pretty much wrapped. We still need to go see the christmas lights and take Sophia to see Santa. I think we will do that tomorrow. I want to start traditions and do them every year. I plan on doing the ones I did when I was a child and maybe add some new ones. 

My grandparents from NJ are in for the holidays. They came in last night! I love having them year for Christmas. I hardly ever get to see them and it's perfect having them here during Christmas.

I've been horrible at taking pictures. I've barely brought out my DSLR and I've just got a few on my phone. Starting tonight it's going to be out every evening so I can capture all of our Christmas memories. Here are a couple pics that I took a few days ago.

Her hair is messy and she's got food on her face but she's still beautiful. My lil girl is actually 14 months today! How is that possible? After work today we went to dinner with my family and they asked if they could keep her tonight. I figured I'd get on here while I had time to. I'll have her monthly pictures and letter up soon. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! Lots of holiday pictures and more posting coming soon! 

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