Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Hope everyone had a fun Labor Day + weekend! Yesterday we didn't have any plans so we laid around and took naps all day until my aunt invited us over to swim in her new swim spa! It was SO hot outside so it felt very nice to swim and of course the kids LOVED it! 

Now it's back to our busy schedule. Sophia is excited to be in school this week from her little 4 day weekend and can't stop talking about going to gymnastics tonight. Jax and I don't have any plans today but to hang out with my friend Malorie before she flies back home. 

Today I'm grateful that my children love water so much! I'm grateful for family members who are always inviting us over to have fun! I'm grateful that Sophia loves school so much and is so excited to go every day. Linking up with Emily @ Ember Grey 

What are you grateful for?
Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey


  1. Cutest pictures EVER. Looks (and sounds!) like you guys had the best weekend together!

  2. These pictures are so gorgeous! What a beautiful family you have. Your kiddos are adorable! And that little baby bottom - so so cute. That's so awesome that your little girl loves school. I remember enjoying it, but I know it can be hard for some.