Wednesday, June 24, 2015


My parents live next door and have a beautiful front porch. When Sophia was little we spent a lot of time on the front porch and now that Jax is here we are doing it all over again! When Sophia was 7 months old (June 2011) I took some pictures of her in the rocking chairs that are on my parents front porch. Fast forward four years and the same rocking chairs are on the porch. I decided to take some pictures of Jax in the same spot. I tried to get the same poses but this was the best I could get. Also, Jax is teething bad so there is drool all over him. 

I think it's so fun to look at them side by side especially in the same spot. I think they look the same but I do see differences. Sophia was a little darker than Jax at this age. Her hair is darker too. Jax of course is a lot bigger and is def all boy. I just love my littles. I want to try and go through Sophia's pictures and maybe find another spot I can compare the two in. Here are some more of Sophia and Jax in the rocking chair both at age seven months.


  1. I love them (and that front porch!) such beautiful babies!