Tuesday, June 23, 2015


So I feel like a terrible mom because I have been slacking on posting Jax's monthly posts. What's even worse is that Jax turns EIGHT months tomorrow and I haven't even taken his seven months picture yet. I'm going to take it today (bc technically he's still seven months) and just take his eight months in a week or two.


On April 24th, when you turned six months you're grandma bought you a small "1/2 Birthday Cake" that said "Happy 6 Months Little Man"She did the same thing when your sister turned 6 months. You immediately stuck your hand in it when I put it in front of you. Sophia giggled so much when you did that and ended up licking all of the icing off your hand.

w e i g h t | at six months you weighed 25 pounds! still my chunky bubbers. you are now wearing 12-18 months in clothes and wearing a size 6 diaper.

e a t s | WE MADE IT TO OUR 6 MONTH GOAL OF BREASTFEEDING! But there's no stopping anytime soon! Our next goal is 12months. We've got this! I'm so proud of the both of us. You are still nursing on demand. I'd say probably every 3-4 hours. We have been giving you baby food here & there. So far you've had banana and sweet potato and seem to like it!

s l e e p | You are the best sleeper. At 6 months you are only waking up about two times a night to nurse and then you go back to sleep. You will only fall asleep after nursing you and then you need held the entire time. I don't mind at all except during your naps I know I should be doing house work but I'll just hold you for now.

l o v e s | You love early mornings and playing in your jumper first thing. You love watching your sister play and really loving bath time. You love the song "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" you immediately calm down as soon as I put it on.

d i s l i k e s | Still not a fan of your carseat. You're ok if Sophia is in the backseat with you but you cry when you are alone. You don't like loud noises. I've noticed that when Sophia is playing and will scream it scares you.

m i l e s t o n e s | At six months you have learned to clap. You clap all the time especially when you're happy. You can ALMOST sit up on your ow. You are reaching and grabbing so much. You are also saying "DaDa" and "MomMom" You say "MomMom when you want picked up or want to nurse.

I love watching you learn so much. These next few months are my absolute favorite because of this reason. They are my least favorite because of how close we are getting to you turning a year old. It's going so fast.


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