Friday, June 26, 2015


Happy Friday everyone! I'm finally getting back into blogging & decided to join the oh hey, friday! link up over on September Farm. I plan on keeping up with this every Friday as a way to share  bits + pieces from our week! 

001.  O U  R  G A R D E N  I  S  G R O W I N G!
 A couple weeks ago Sophia + my dad planted some vegetables in our backyard and everything is growing so fast! Right now the only vegetable that is ready to eat are our peppers and they are delicious! We cut them up and ate them in a salad yesterday. Mmm! I can not wait for the rest of the vegetables to grow!

002. M Y  L I T T L E  M A N  I S  P U L L I N G  H I M S E L F  U P! 
Jax doesn't sleep in his crib but I've been putting him in there to play while I clean and put his clothes away. This week while I was doing that little man surprised me and pulled himself up! He was so proud & just smiled at me. Me on the other hand was having heart palpitations and trying to convince myself that I wasn't witnessing this. Wasn't he just a newborn?! 

003. H O T  T U B  F U N
My parents live next door and have a hot tub that they haven't used in years! They finally decided to fill it up and keep the water at a cool temp (kind of like pool water) and little miss Sophia has been playing in it non stop! We have to literally fight with her to get out! She's our little mermaid!

004. O U R  F A V O R I T E  T E E T H I N G  N E C K L A C E

Now that Jax finally has his first tooth he wants to always have something in his mouth to chew on. I am ALWAYS carrying/holding him so this teething necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop is perfect! This is their silicone teething necklace and it's one of Jax's favorite. What's also nice about their necklaces is the go with almost all of my outfits. If you have a teething baby check their necklaces out! 

005.  N A P T I M E 
One of the many things I love about being a stay at home mom is being able to watch my littles as they nap. Sophia hardly naps anymore but Jax still takes about two a day. I usually find myself just watching him as he sleeps. Aren't sleeping babies the most perfect thing you've ever seen? I know that I should be cleaning instead of watching him sleep but drinking coffee and staring at him is much better!


  1. Hi Josie! Thanks for participating in my giveaway and following my blog! I'm happy you did so I could discover your blog! I love it! Your little ones are absolutely adorable. Wow, how cool that you have a teething necklace! That's pretty convenient and it's really cute, too!

    The Closet by Christie