Thursday, February 7, 2013


S O P H I A  I S  C U R R E N T L Y ...

WONDERING: I'm pretty sure Sophia is wondering about every little thing. She is always asking me, "Mommy what's that?" or "Mommy whats this?" She just wants to know everything and I'm glad that she is learning.

LOATHING:  That we have to start getting ready to leave for daycare. 

COOKING: all kinds of food for me using her own kitchen. Her favorites are cupcakes that she calls birthday cake and french fries. She is SO cute playing with her kitchen. I'll start cooking & she'll run to her kitchen set and say "Mommy, I'm cooking too."

READING: her huge collection of books. Sophia loves books so we're always buying or lucky enough to have books given to us. Right now her favorite is Once Upon a Potty. This book was given to us from a family of boys. So this book is about a little boy learning how to potty train. Sophia loves it. I may have to find the girl version.

LISTENING: to Yo Gabba Gabba. This little girl will listen and watch Yo Gabba Gabba all day if I could let her. If it's not on the TV then she's playing it from my phone. 

I  A M  C U R R E N T L Y ...

WONDERING: if my house will ever be clean. Ha! It's like I can get it somewhat clean during the weekends when I'm not working but from how exhausted we are in the evenings after work it just gets messy again. I need to hire someone to do the cleaning because right now, I just can't keep up :(

LOATHING: all the cold weather and snow we are having. I feel so lazy during winter because I don't want to leave the house. I just want it to be summer. 

COOKING: to be honest. I haven't cooked anything all week. After work I pick Sophia up at daycare and my parents restaurant is next door so I have been grabbing food there for Sophia and I. Gary works real late every night so he picks up food on his way home. So there hasn't been any dinners in our home for a long time. 

READING: One of my goals this year was to read books. Well, I haven't even started one so before I started this currently post I was reading my towns news online. 

LISTENING: I am currently listening to the Yo Gabba Gabba that Sophia is playing from my phone. Yay!

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  1. Oh my gosh I feel the EXACT same way about cleaning. If I wasn't too exhausted to look into finding an affordable cleaning person we'd have one already (and by affordable I kind of mean someone who would do it for free, there must be some weirdo out there who wants to clean my house for free, right?) and your parents' have a restaurant! That's awesome! Permission to never cook again with zero guilt :)

  2. Sometimes I wake up with Yo Gabba Gabba songs in my head. Such a nice perk of parenthood!

  3. Yeah exactly the same things that run across my mind but its such a gift to parent and I love it and I enjoy it as well. But sill arrr cleaning is a headache..

  4. At present I'm expecting a baby girl. These post plus all the comments make me so happy. I think being a mum is a most gifted thing ever. Hope every thing will work out in a good way !

  5. My little Angels sleep in the day time and plays in the night .She wake me up with gaga songs in the mind night. Her cute laugh always makes me to forget all the stress and tired.

  6. Wow. I love this post. So heart touching. I enjoyed it a lot. I’m happy to see the happiness of you guys.

  7. I'm a Stay At Home Momma and my house is never clean. I think it's just the part of having kids. Boy what I'd give for a housekeeper :)

    My Axle is constantly watching UmiZoomi, Mickey Mouse, Spongebob and Jake & The Neverland Pirates. It drives me CRAZY!!! I'd love to be able to watch just one television show

    I'm craving Spring too- I've been forcing myself to leave the house lately which has made me feel so much better but come Spring I won't have to force myself. I will want to LIVE outside.

    Have a nice upcoming weekend friend

  8. Becoming mother is a wonderful gift from god and it’s a valuable relationship. Your article made me feel the love of a cute baby and mom.