Friday, February 1, 2013



Sophia has her own room but it doesn't have a theme. It's just pink with everything girly in it. She currently co sleep with us so she only spends time in her room when we're getting dressed or when she's playing.

Lately I've been obsessed with everything woodland. Especially deer and foxes. Sophia loves them to so I figured I could hopefully redo Sophia's room to a Woodland Wonder theme.

So I spend some time {acutally a lot of time} browsing Pinterest and found a lot of ideas! I put together this inspiration board of just a few things. I plan on keeping her walls pink and adding either light blue or green curtains. I love the idea of using a tree branch as a curtain rod. I also like the idea of using a tree branch to hang letters that spell her name.

I also came across the little red riding hood bedding set pictured above. It's perfect! It has all the colors and animals I want to use. I have a few dressers that we have picked up from yard sales or that was left in this house that I plan on painting blue. I also plan on hanging deer/fox pictures and fun quotes in her room.

Oh & do you see that fox stuffed animal?! It's SOOO cute! I want to find a lot of these stuffed animals. I was looking on Etsy and found lots of stuffed animals and pillows that would look perfect.

I need to get rid of a lot of things in her room {and the whole house} before I start this but hopefully I can get this done soon! And hopefully Sophia loves it!


  1. This is all so lovely! I can't pick a favourite Sophia is going to have a lovely bedroom lucky little lady :)


  2. OH MY OH MY, You have no idea how much I love this! I am so inspired by the whimsical wonderland woodland fairytale style! I absolutely love everything you put together! I think Sophia would love it. It's just so magical, I love it!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Is it wrong that I want my grownup bedroom to look like this? It's all so lovely! I'm not sure I will ever outgrow cute woodland-themed items. Great collection.

  4. I love woodland themes too, and this is a super cute but classy way to do it!

  5. You have got some great collections… yes it is more important to keep the room free as possible because more the thing get packed in a room it won't give a delight full look.

  6. Wow. The Lucky little lady got a beautiful room. You got a great mother. I love this little princess. She is so adorable.

  7. I think your little princess spending happy time in this wonderful room