Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hey guys, remember us? I can't believe I went without blogging for over a month... again. I blame it all on being super busy as always and also because of a new diagnosis I'm pretty sure I have -- seasonal depression ha. I don't know what it is but colder weather makes me so lazy/unmotivated/grumpy...  just not myself.

I hate being outside in the cold so as soon as I pick Sophia up from work we stay inside. I do everything I can from leaving the house... maybe it's cabin fever? I don't know.. what I do know is we have experiencing some warmer weather this month SO I'm slowly (and finally) becoming my happy old self again. I'm also starting to think I shouldn't be living in WV if I hate cold weather this much. 

But I just wanted to stop in very quickly and say hello to anyone who is still reading/following along. As I was catching up on some blogs last night I read about GFC leaving this summer. I've had a Bloglovin account, just never used it. I decided to give it a try and I like it SO much better than my google reader. I even downloaded the app on my phone. My google reader was becoming very cluttered feeling and I couldn't find a way to delete blogs that haven't been updated in years. I suggest using Bloglovin... and I also suggest you following us there. If you have a Bloglovin account please leave your link and we will follow yours as well (if we aren't already). 

Today Sophia has to get shots and I have to get a physical for my new job that I start next week (more on that later!!) and work right after. It's going to be a long day. Let's hope Sophia doesn't freak out over her shots today. And also let's hope this momma doesn't freak out about the TB Test she has to take. I need to get over my fear of shots. 

Hope everyone has a good day!


  1. I'm so sorry you've been depressed. I definitely have seasonal depression, which is one HUGE reason we moved to Texas. No joke. I simply can't take the snow/dreariness of winter. I think the seasonal depression gets worse when you have kids because it's so hard to get them in and out in the cold.

    Anyway, that's exciting that you have a new job! Good luck! And good luck with the shots. I hate those too!

  2. Welcome back! Following on Bloglovin :)
    Here's our link!

  3. Oh… yes ,nice to see you back.. Looking forward for more impressive posts..

  4. No worries, we all take bloggy breaks. I took about a 3 month one! Ouch! Glad to see you stopped in to say hi. I've been following you via bloglovin' for awhile now so it's all good! By the way, love the shot of your little one; looks great in black & white!

  5. I think we need some rest while working and nice to see you back with great posts.