Tuesday, February 5, 2013


A couple of weeks ago we noticed a spot on Sophia's tooth. Gary kept saying it was a cavity but I was in denial because we were brushing her teeth.  I didn't want my baby to have a cavity.

I finally took her into the dentist last week. I felt so sad for her. She was all happy about coming to the dentist until she had to sit in the chair alone. She looked so small in the chair and she kind of just looked down. They leaned her back and started to open her mouth and she just stared at me. Her brown eyes looked right at me. I wanted to cry. I looked at her little hands and they were shaking! I finally asked if I could lay on the chair and just have her lay on top of me. 

As soon as I was there with her she did perfect. She kept her mouth open when they asked her to and she didn't cry or try to get away. We held hands the whole time. I was so proud of her.2

They cleaned her teeth and confirmed that she did have a cavity. They also did an XRay and found two smaller cavities in between her two front teeth. 

I was SO sad. My sister came with me and when we were alone in the room I told her I felt like a terrible parent. Sophia had cavities because of me. I wanted to just sit there in the dentist office and cry. I wanted to just hold Sophia and tell her sorry and that it's all my fault.

When the dentist came back in I had a lot of questions for her. She answered everything and gave me advice. I wanted to know what I was doing wrong because Sophia's teeth were getting brushed more than once a day. I learned a lot and there will be a lot of changes at home. 

Sophia loves juice. I didn't know juice was so bad for toddlers teeth so I was giving her straight juice without mixing it with water. Also, Sophia no longer takes a bottle BUT she still asks for a sippy cup of milk before bed. Well, we brush Soph's teeth and then she drinks her sippy cup and goes to sleep. The dentist told us that she shouldn't have anything after she brushes her teeth. She also said I need to floss more. Honestly, I was only brushing Sophia's teeth. I didn't even think to floss yet so we'll be starting that. She also said to only give Sophia milk or juice during her meals and try to give her water during the day. 

And one more thing. She said I need to take the binky away from Sophia or it will narrow her teeth in the front. This is going to be the hardest for us. She loves her binky but I'm going to try real hard for her to not want it anymore by the end of this month.

We are now scheduled for Sophia to get her cavities filled on 2/20/2013. The said they will be giving her this liquid medication that will pretty much make her loopy and forget the experience. I'm a little worried about this and want to look into it more online. I don't like the fact that Sophia will be "out of it". I don't even like that for myself.

I hesitated on posting this because I don't want anyone to think I'm a bad mom because I'm not. I just wanted to share what I've learned. It happens ... and I've learned from it. I'm still learning everything, being a first time parent is not easy. We will continue to brush her teeth like we have been but will just limit what she drinks and when she drinks during the day. 

Did your toddler ever get a cavity? If so, did you get it filled?


  1. In so sorry! Don't feel bad, you're doing the beat you can and no one expects you to know everything about every subject. Sophia's so little ahe'll do great. These type of things are always harder on the mom than the child.

    As for the pacifier, good luck! Personally we have decided to let our boys keep them til age 3 bc I can't handle the sleeplessness that comes with trying to wean. By 3 we can actually talk with em and explain what's happening and why. Every kiddo is different though. Just beware that if you try and change everything at once (juice, paci, milk at bed) there's going to be drama. You may want to pick one thing and conquer it first before changing something else. You are her mama, though, and most certainly know what's best for your baby. These are just my experiences :)

  2. I worked in a dentist office and my mother is a dental hygienist. Trust me, you are not a bad mom and this is VERY common with little kids! I think the liquid medication is a good idea also, it will help her not be traumatized, the procedure will run smoother and it will all be over with in a very short amount of time. She will be as good as new :)

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  4. Aw poor little thing! Some little ones are prone to cavities too. My son (who is almost 6) had 3 cavities the first time he went to the dentist at 4. He has major sweet tooth like his mommy and he's also a sneaky butt and would come upstairs in the middle of the night and eat any and all sweets he could find. He got one filled in the office and then 2 filled at a pediatric dentist. The ped dentist is what I would highly recommend. They were AMAZING. Matthew did so well. The dentist asked Matthew what he liked and at the time, he was obsessed with Disney Cars, so the dentist told him he would give him a Lightning McQueen tooth and a Finn McMissile tooth :) Matthew got laughing gas and did perfectly.

    Following via from GYB Blog Hop from 24 Jan - I'm really behind. LOL

  5. Poor little one, I love her the way she co operate the dentist most of the kids creak a big hassle when it comes to dental clinic.

  6. I know it's always harder on the mother than the child. She is a brave child. She has faced it really well. Nothing to worry everything will be fine as erlier.

  7. I love her the way she co-operates most of the kids to creak a big trouble when it comes to the dental clinic dentist.

  8. Yeah really she looked so small in the chair; she is very brave kid...

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