Monday, February 4, 2013


You guys. I have been slacking on taking pictures. I haven't even instagrammed all weekend! The pictures above aren't even from this weekend but I had nothing else to post. The pictures are from our dinner at Steak N Shake Thursday evening. Sophia loved it. She got to wear a hat and have her own milkshake.

Friday after work I got my nails done & we all ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with Ross and Jesseca. The next morning Jesseca came over and we headed to Old Navy to shop for our girls. My friend Jesseca just found she is having a baby girl. She is due in June! I am SO excited!! We spend a lot of time together already so adding another baby makes me SO happy! 

We ended our shopping trip short because of the snow but we had a delicious lunch at Panera. The rest of the day Sophia and I took naps and just watched TV. It's hard for me to leave the house when it's so cold. I can not wait for warmer weather. 

Sunday we woke up to more snow and headed to breakfast at my parents restaurant. The rest of the day was spent just hanging out at the house. I did get to leave the house alone to get my eye brows done and pick up some stuff at Wal Mart. I have gone the whole month of January without any make up and barely getting myself ready. I don't look terrible each morning but I could look A LOT better. After spending some time on Pinterest looking at cute hairstyles & outfits this morning I've decided to stop being so lazy and actually get myself ready with make up and my hair fixed each morning. So I bought some new make up and a ton of stuff for my hair. I'm excited to use everything. 

I ended the evening with watching Disney with my girls. We did take a break from Disney to catch Beyonce perform at halftime. She's amazing.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. love her curls. and yes, beyonce is amazing!

  2. Cute pictures, hope she had one of the best weekends ever…

  3. What a precious ! She looks like a doll. Very cute. Looks like she had a nice time over there. God bless her !

  4. You have such beautiful girl. She looks amazing and hopes you having a lovely time with her