Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This is one of those quotes that I have saved on one of my Pinterest boards that I go back to frequently when I want to set a new goal for myself. But here lately I have been falling short of reaching my goals. I guess you could say this habit started when I became a mom and it's something that I need to change.

After Jax was born Gary and I made the decision that I would be a stay at home mom. It has been something that I've always wanted to do since I became a mommy four years ago so I was extremely excited/happy when the decision was finally made! I love staying home with my little ones but I won't lie, it is a lot of work! It is non stop all day and most days are ended with zero time spent for myself. 

It's been three months since I have become a stay at home mommy and I feel like I'm slowly losing myself. Don't get me wrong, I love my little ones so much & I love being home with them but I need to start taking care of myself too.  We are only given one body and I want to take care of mine for me AND my family. A happier and healthier me means a happy and healthier family! 

So this is where this post is going. A couple of days ago I bought  21 Day Fix through Beach Body. A friend of mine started it last year (while I was pregnant) and I kept telling myself "I am going to do this once I have Jax". Now that he is here, it is finally time to get started. The program just seems so perfect for a busy, stay at home mom like me. Here is why:


001. MOMMY FRIENDLY // Finding a sitter and spending an hour or two at the gym is just impossible for me right now. The 21 Day Fix comes with DVDs that are 30 minute work outs that you can do at home. Only 30 minutes! I can work out first thing in the morning while Sophia is at preschool & Jax is in his swing and then continue on with my busy day. 

002. NO COUNTING CALORIES + NO STARVING // 21 Day Fix does not require you to count calories or basically not eat all day. It's the complete opposite. You get to eat, just in the right portion. 21 Day Fix comes with colored containers for a different kind of food and pre-measured for the precise proportion. If it fits, you can eat it! This is especially important for me. I am breastfeeding Jax so I can't go on a diet where I am not eating. I need all the food I can get and I can always adjust my food intake to keep my supply going. 

003. SUPPORT FROM YOUR BEACH BODY COACH + TEAM // The 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack allows you to sign up under a coach. This coach has a team of other people who are also completing the 21 Day Fix. It's nice because you have a group of people all working towards the same goal motivating and encouraging each other. I haven't even started the 21 Day Fix yet and have enjoyed being a part of a team. And my coach Kelsey is so helpful! 

And speaking of coaching. I have decided to join Beach Body as a Coach!!! Kelsey explained the coach opportunity to me and I knew it was something that I would enjoy doing! I get to work out, help others, AND get paid all while staying home with my babies. Sounds pretty perfect for me! 

So today I am making a change and WILL break my habit of not going through with my goals! Here is to a happy and healthier to me! 

If 21 Day Fix is something that you want to know more about or even want to join please let me know! You can comment me here, email me ( or find me on Facebook! Also, February 9th will be my official start of 21 Day Fix and I will be joining a challenge group while I complete my first 21 Days! WHO WANTS IN?!

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