Friday, January 16, 2015


Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone had a good week! It's crazy how fast the weeks go now that I am staying home. When I worked it just seemed like the week went by so slow & I was always wishing time away. I would constantly say, "I wish Friday would hurry up and get here" just so it could be the weekend. I am so happy that I can just enjoy my time now and not wish any of it away.

Anyway, today I am starting a new weekly post where I will share a list of five random thoughts or how I am currently feeling. I am hoping this is something I can keep up with all year. Today I am currently ...

001 L O V I N G // I am currently loving all of the smiles I have been getting from Jax lately. When he was a newborn he would smile but I'm almost positive they were from gas. Now he smiles anytime he hears me talk or sees me. I just love it.

002 T H A N K F U L // This morning I woke up thinking it was just another day. I went downstairs, drank a cup of coffee while Jax laid on his play mat. I got on my phone and saw that I had a notification from TimeHop. I usually don't look at my TimeHop right away but decided to today. I opened it up & saw that there was a post I had made every year for the last six years. All of them said Happy Anniversary to Gary! TODAY IS MINE AND GARY'S SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY! If it wasn't for TimeHop I probably wouldn't even have noticed. I've just been so busy with Jax & honestly don't even know what the date is half of the time. So today I am thankful for TimeHop for reminding me that today is our anniversary. We have nothing planed (obvisouly) but maybe we'll go to dinner? Here is a picture that was on my TimeHop this morning of us. Crazy to think it was taken 5+ years ago.

003 W I S H I N G // I follow a lot of small business shops on Instagram. Especially ones who have products for babies & children. I also enter a lot of giveaways that these shops have & luckily I have won a lot of them. As soon as I get the item I've won I put them on Sophia & Jax and then spend the rest of the time wishing I had more money to buy more from these shops. How cute is this top on Sophia? 

004 T H I N K I N G  A B O U T // Now that it's been two (almost three) months since I've had Jax, I think it's time to start getting back into shape. I've already lost most of my pregnancy weight but I still need to tone up. I am wanting something that has a meal plan & work outs from home. I also want to work with a group of people. I do better when there is accountability involved. I have a friend who does Shakeology & 21 Day Fix and loves it. I was thinking about starting this. Have you tried this? If so, did you like it? 
Image from here.

005 W I S H I N G // And I am currently wishing I had my camera charger. I went to buy a new one but no one in this area sold it. I bought a universal camera battery charger but I haven't figured out how to use it. So I find one to buy or figure out this universal one, there will only be pictures taken from my phone.