Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This evening I attended a viewing for a beautiful, 25 year old woman I went to school with who left us way too soon. Brandy passed away last week & how everything happened just makes me sick. I wasn't close with her but I knew her and cheered with her as a child. I was best friends with her cousin so I always saw her here and there.

And every time I saw her she was always smiling and laughing.

Brandy was a mother to a beautiful four year old girl. Knowing that this sweet girl will be without her mother for the rest of her life is so hard for me to think about. At the viewing they asked for us to write memories we had of Brandy so that they could put into a book for her daughter so she can know who her mother was and how much of an impact she had on everyone's life. They also played a slideshow of pictures of her and almost all of them were pictures of Brandy and her daughter. 

I was holding back tears as I watched people write in this book and see all the pictures. Just thinking of her daughter and her family made me realize how precious life really is and also how ANYTHING can happen to anyone.

I also thought about memories. How seeing everyone I went to school with all together tonight brought back so many memories. I loved being in high school and being able to see all these faces every day.

Some of the people I ran into I hadn't seen since high school. We go off to college, meet new friends, start jobs, start our own families and just get so caught up in our new lives. And I really do hate that. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my new life now but it wouldn't hurt to bring back some of my old life as well. I miss everyone.

So tonight, I'm sad .. but so thankful at the same time. As I lay here thinking about Brandy and her family and all of my high school memories, I am thankful .. thankful that I have these memories to smile about and that everyone was a part of my life. 

I am also so thankful for everything and everyone I have now. 

RIP Brandy.


  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.

  2. Death is alway so sad but it's especially sad when it's such a young life. A couple years ago a girl that I went to school with was murdered by her ex. She had a very young son and it was just so devestating to me. I'm sorry for your pain and the pain of all those that loved her. They are all in my prayers!