Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let's try this again

I am really going to try my hardest to keep up updating the blog. I have so much that I want to share on here but I just never have the time anymore.  I know I blamed it all on summer and the warm weather but it's starting to get chilly out now, let's see if I'm able to keep up. 

& speaking of chilly weather... it's def. Fall here. I'm actually laying in bed freezing right now. Soph has been wearing her long sleeves and boots.. and looks SO cute.

I just ordered a lot of Fall/Winter clothes online that should be arriving soon. I love shopping for Sophia, maybe a little too much. I still haven't put her Summer clothes away. I'm still hoping for some warm weather here and there so that she can wear some outfits just a few more times.

It's just been me and Soph this week at home. Gary left for NY and New Hampshire for work. So Soph and I have been eating at my parents restaurant every evening after work. Today we had tomato soup and grilled cheese. It was perfect for how cold it was and Sophia actually LOVED it. She ate so much of it. I was so happy bc I know as a kid I hated it.

Soph also loves the rainbow colored ice cream that my parents have at their place.

We've been coming home from the restaurant and just hanging out .. just the two of us. We miss Gary but I think we are enjoying our time together.

Soph still sleeps with me at night and this morning as I was getting up to get ready for work Soph says, "No Mommy, Night Night" as she pats on the bed beside her. 
I said, "Sophia, mommy has to get ready to work. Do you want me to just lay with you." 
And she says, "Yup". 
I then say, "You don't want me to go to work?"
She said, "Nope".

And then I laid back down for a few more minutes. Getting up and dropping her off at daycare are the worst for me. I tear up some morning after I leave daycare, it's so sad. I wish more than anything I could spend all my days with her. BUT whose going to pay the bills? I know I need to be lucky for Gary and I to both have full time jobs and be able to buy the things we need and want, but it would be nice. So all you stay at home moms, I am super jealous of you. But I also have lots of respect for you. Some weekends are rough for me when I'm home alone all day with Soph, so I could imagine all day and all week. 

I can not believe how fast Summer went and how we are already into Fall. I am enjoying it all but just can't believe it. Now that it's Fall it means I'm going to have a two year old in just one month!!!

AH! I need to hurry up and start planning her second birthday. I'm going to make it pretty simple this year. I'm hoping to get out and take some pictures with my actual camera for it.

Well, that felt good to update even though it was very random. Let's hope this continues. 

Now it's time to cuddle up to this silly girl.


  1. I love this random update! I enjoy reading about real people and their real lives. Sometimes real life isn't always glamorous but it's always wonderful.

    I've worked outside the home before and now I'm a stay at home momma. There is avantages and disadvantages to both. The thing I miss most about working is relationships with other adults. When your whole daily conversation is with a 2 year old and 2 month, it can get lonely.

    LOVE Sophia's icecream face. She's such a doll. Sometimes it's nice to have a little girl time with your daughter isn't it?