Sunday, September 9, 2012

what we do after it rains

Good morning everyone!

{the pic above is a little blurry, but I still love it}

It's Sunday morning, we just got done eating breakfast, we're listening to country music 
& it's already looking like a beautiful day outside!!

Yesterday, it poured until about 3 and then the sun came out. 
Even though the sun came out it was still a little chilly outside. Felt just like fall. 

We were stuck inside most of the day and we HAD to get outside once it stopped raining. 
Sophia was going a little crazy and so was this momma. 

We waited for Gary to wake up {he's still working nights} & headed over to my
parents restaurant to get some food & then headed to the grocery store to stock up. 

Soph was a little bad at the store. She wanted everything. 
So when we got home, I let her do whatever she wanted outside.

And that meant playing in wet gravel and rain puddles.

{now for a photo dump from yesterday}

Her hand would get so dirty that I would tell her to just wash em in the puddles.

She looked so much older yesterday for some reason.
She even acted like she was one walking up and down the neighborhood all by herself.

I'm just glad we got to get out of the house and play a little, even if we got dirty.
I felt so exhausted and stressed out for some reason and I felt like I was getting
real close to losing my patience over anything yesterday & I did not want to be like this
... especially around Sophia. But as soon as I saw how happy she was, I was too.
& all that craziness I felt, went away.

After we played inside we cuddled up on the couch, ate snacks and watched A Bugs Life.
I felt so relaxed and SO much better than I did earlier in the day.
Crazy how just getting out of the house for a few hrs can help.

Now time to get ready for the day.
Our day will be full of lots of playing outside
and going to Lacey's 2nd Birthday party!!

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!