Sunday, October 7, 2012

our trips to the pumpkin patch

{ A very quick video I put together of one of our days at the pumpkin patch }

The past two weekends we've been to the pumpkin patch. It's about 10 minutes from our home so it's easy to get to and Sophia loves it. My parents know the family who owns the farm so we try to go more than once during the season. This year it has improved SO much. They have more photo props and even had a baby cow.

We've spent almost 30-45 minutes both times we've went. We'll probably go at least one more time this year. We won't be going this weekend. Yesterday we cleaned ALL day and then had people over to watch the WVU game. We beat Texas and we are still undefeated!!!

And today, well we've done nothing at all. It's actually really cold outside so we've been hanging outside. Me and Sophia are still in our pajamas ... and we plan on staying in them all day!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
I'm going to finish this post with the rest of our pictures from the pumpkin patch & then go cuddle and possibly take a nap while Sophia naps. Isn't that what Sunday's are for?

❤ ❤ 

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  1. Love te pictures!

  2. Oh she is just so sweet, love the pictures and video! Pumpkin farms are so much fun, we just took Chloe on Sunday!