Wednesday, August 8, 2012

wordless{ish} wednesday: sleeping baby & NJ trip

I really don’t know why I even title these posts Wordless Wednesday because each one has words. I really don’t think I could do a post without words. I guess I just enjoy linking up on all the websites and being able to read/see other WW posts.

Also, thinking of blog titles are a little difficult for me. It takes me no time to type up a post but thinking of a title for the post is the hardest for me. I need to be a little more creative. So doing a Wordless Wednesday takes care of that for me, for just one day out of the week.
Anyway, look how sweet Sophia looked this morning sleeping on her stomach.

Usually she sleeps like her daddy, on her back with her arms and legs everywhere & mouth wide open. Poor girl. This morning she decided to be more lady like and sleep like that. I just stared at her. Something about a sleeping baby. She used to sleep like this on my chest when she was a newborn. Oh, how I miss those days. I love how she is now and I can’t wait to watch her grow but I’ll always miss that newborn stage… until I have another.
Yep, pretty sure I’m now diagnosed with baby fever.
We leave for NJ/NY tomorrow evening. Well, I’m hoping that’s when we leave. Sophia’s longest car trip is when we go to VA Beach to visit Gary’s family. Gary and I leave during the night to make it easier on Sophia so she can sleep the whole way. It works every time.
I am going on this trip with my parents. They are weird and like to leave in the morning. I have mentioned multiple times that leaving at night would make it easier on all of us and we would have one extra day there. They haven’t given me a definite answer. I even volunteered to drive the whole way. Bleh.
Either way I am very excited for this trip. The only thing that I am not happy about is that Gary is not coming with us. He has to work Thursday and Sunday night and it would just be too much for him to have to have to make up, so he says. He also said that he would feel left out bc no one speaks English. I think that’s the main reason but there’s nothing wrong with that. But I guess we do need a weekend away from each other.
My grandparents will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary this weekend so we could not miss this. Plus a lot of my other family members will be there that we haven’t seen in forever so it’s going to a good time. A good time with Spanish speaking people, no English!
Have a good Wednesday Everyone. I’ll be back to post before we leave!


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  1. It always surprises me how babies sleep and what they find comfy x

  2. have fun in NJ ! We just moved to GA from NJ and Im a little homesick!

  3. Oh my goodness Sophia is so gorgeous and precious!!! I love how she is sleeping like that. My son sleeps like that and I just adore it. My daughter sleeps like her daddy too.
    I can't wait to read more!

  4. Yes we must've gone to school together :) My maiden name was Greathouse and yes I have a brother named Matt (and another one-Mason that's younger) :) I'm not a bigtime blogger but I enjoy doing it :) And so cool that I'm not the only one in the MOV! ;)

  5. I have a hard time with titles sometimes, too! Hehe. As always... I can't get over just how cute Sophia is. I used to sleep like that, I've been told. So, there must be something right about it!

  6. Great shot, she is so cute! My little one used to sleep like this too, with her bum in the air! Too funny :o)

  7. Oh she is so sweet!! I agree with you.. there is just something about a sleeping baby :) It totally gives me "baby fever" too! ahh
    thanks for stopping by my blog! i'm a new follower of yours