Tuesday, August 21, 2012

sandbox fun

I should really be sleeping right now but instead I'm uploading pictures from this evening. I also messed around with the blog and decided I'd start taking sponsor swaps again. So if you'd like to hang out on the side of my blog click here. We'd love to have you!!

Our evening was spent outside playing in Sophia's new sandbox and eating grilled steak and pork chops that Gary made. They were delicious.

My mom bought this sandbox for Sophia at a yard sale for $20! It's perfect and Sophia loves it. We have spent most of our evenings just outside watching her play in it. The weather has been cooler so it's been perfect just to sit outside. Well besides the mosquitos.

This cooler weather means that Summer is almost over. I'm kind of sad that Summer is almost over. We spent a lot of time outside but I look back and wish more of our time was spent outside. I think we spent a lot of time inside trying to fix up the house after our move.

We'll be spending out last weekend of Summer next weekend in VA Beach. Gary starts his new position at work shortly after so we're going to need this short vacation. 

Hopefully I can keep up with updating the blog. I have really slacked the last couple of months. I honestly don't know how a lot of you are able to blog every day with children and sometimes even full time jobs. I'm exhausted by the time I get home from work until Sophia is asleep. I did drink a lot of caffeine today and I'm still up, maybe that's the secret.

Oh and technically it's 8/21 but I started this post on 8/20 which means it was Sophia's 22 months!! I really need to do a monthly update this month bc this girl has changed so much! 

After dinner today we went over to a little playground at an Elementary School close to our house and Sophia pointed to the slides and said "Slide, Wee!" and she also pointed to her shirt and said "Bike!". 

Sophia actually says A LOT now. I will be doing a post on all this sometime this week.

I wish I would have taken my camera to the playground. Sophia had the biggest smile on her face the whole time we were there. She ran around and held out her hands for me when she found a slide she wanted to go down. I climbed up all the equipment {i don't know what else to call them} and went down all the slides with her. She would just look at me and smile so big! 

What made it even more special is that it's the Elementary School I went to as a kid and the same playground I ran around on years ago.

This evening was perfect

I'm already excited about getting off work tomorrow and playing outside all evening.


  1. This was a sweet post. She looks so happy just to be playing with the sand!

  2. She's such a doll! It's so hard to blog with kids. Between running with my 13 year old, keeping up with my 2 year old and caring for my newborn, it's quite the challenge for me. Posting isn't really the problem as much as finding time to read others. I feel guilty when I don't check in. If I had a full time job, there would be NO WAY I could do it!

  3. Aw she's the cutest kid! She's beautiful:)

  4. Love her sand box! She is adorable :)

  5. Love her sand box! She is adorable :)