Friday, August 24, 2012

i taped my glasses, i'm officially a nerd

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I’m blind. Without my contacts and eyeglasses I cannot see anything. 
It’s bad and it’s been this way since the 3rd grade.

Growing up I hated that I had to wear glasses. 
But if you saw the glasses my mom picked out for me, you’d hate them too.

I usually wear contacts during the day and my glasses at home. 
I choose to wear my glasses only at home because I feel like I can never find the perfect frame for the shape of my face. So this may be the only time you'll see a picture of me in my glasses
{oh, and please excuse my messy hair, I don't know what's going on with it}

Anyways, I finally found a pair that I felt comfortable in and I’ve had them for a few years. But the other night I was extremely lazy and laid my glasses on the floor next to my bed. Guess who forgot and stepped on them the next morning? Yep … this blind girl who obliviously couldn’t even see the floor.

I wanted to cry.

You know in the movie A Christmas Story when Ralphie steps on his glasses and breaks them?
That's exactly how I felt and I thought of that scene as soon as I did it. So random. 

I did tape up my poor glasses with scotch tape because I don’t have that kind of money to just go out and buy me a brand new pair. I never thought I'd ever have to do this. I always wondered why people did it in the first place. I mean when someone dresses up as a nerd for Halloween, they tape their glasses. 

I'm pretty sure this means I'm a nerd now right?

Thankfully I have an old pair. I am wearing them in the pictures and Sophia is “wearing” my broken eyeglasses frames. In reality I have been wearing the taped glasses because its a newer prescription but I decided to have Sophia play the nerd with the taped glasses for this post. 

At least they are aren't taped on the nose part. And maybe next time I'll use black tape.

But I honestly think that breaking my glasses was a sign. 
A few days before I broke them I was contacted by GlassesUSA to do a sponsored post. 
I checked out the site as soon as my glasses broke looking for a pair of cheap glasses. had a ton of different styles to choose from. 
I was very shocked when I saw the low, affordable prices. The site was very easy to use and they even had a whole section of coupons and sales to use towards your purchase.

They also have a virtual mirror {below} that you can use to pretty much “try on” a frame before you buy it.  

So if you’re in need of a new pair like me then I encourage you to visit their website and before you check out 
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  1. I wear glasses too and am blind without them. Wednesday night Chloe broke them though :( luckily my hubby super glued them so I can wear them until I can get contacts again!

  2. I've heard about this. I remember seeing this on someone else's blog! This is a great little tool to use! By the way, love the blog title; you are too funny. LOL!

  3. I'm also blind. I can't see nothing without my glasses or contacts. I hated wearing my glasses growing up because of my glasses thank god for contacts. Lol. I only wear my glasses around my family & VERY close friends but I will NOT walk outside with them. Lol Bad vision.

    I love the pictures of you and sophia. So cute.

  4. Hi there! Sorry about your new glasses. I've tried wearing contacts myself, but I'm more of a glasses kinda girl.

    Anyhow, I just stumbled upon your blog a few minutes ago and felt compelled to follow/comment after I read your story. It sounded remarkably similar to mine. Both my fiance and I are in college and we're raising our 15 month old daughter. She was a TOTAL surprise. We were Juniors as well. And I'm also studying Communications. This is his last semester, and mine is this spring. It's always funny for me to listen to kids complaining on campus about how tired they are. If they only knew...

    Congrats to you and your beautiful family. Graduating from college while raising a child is not an easy thing. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better :)

    Be sure to swing by my page one day and say hello.