Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blaming it on summer.

Well, once again I have abandoned my blog for another month. ONE WHOLE MONTH! I don't know why this happening but the only good reason I have is .. summer. 

Sophia is now toddler who loves outside. So any free time we have, we're outside enjoying summer.

It has been relaxing, like I have mentioned in my previous posts, to not have to worry about blogging or catching up on my fav reads but I do miss it. I know that I will regret not documenting anything for the past two months but I'll just make up for it now.

So expect to see this momma posting more. I have decided that I won't be doing any swaps or sponsors for a little while until I find the time to start again. I don't even know if anyone is even still reading my blog or is interested. But we'll see. 

I also have some posts that were supposed to go up in June {sorry ladies} that I will be posting within the next couple of days. But for now I'll leave you with a couple of pictures because I know you all have missed seeing lil miss Sophia ;)


  1. Still reading, and I do not blame you for spending more time with your adorable daughter.. don't worry.. blogging is always here!

  2. New reader here, just wanted to say that Sophia is sooo cute! :)

  3. She is incredibly sweet! Love her outfit and these pics came out great! I know what you mean. It's been hard for me to blog too especially seeing as my little one loves to be outdoors all the time :o) I wouldn't have it any other way though. I love that she loves to be outdoors!