Monday, July 30, 2012

Now I Know My ABC's

I wanted to get on here real fast to share that Sophia finished a song for me! She may have said this before at daycare or when I'm not around but I got to hear it for the first time tonight.

I was sitting with her while she was taking a bath and I was singing the ABC's to her. I got to the end and stopped at Z and Sophia finished it with...

"Now I know my ABC's"


I just stopped and looked at her with the biggest smile on my face and I yelled for Gary to come listen. She did it again for him. My soon to be two year old is talking SO much. And she really is smart!

Sophia can remember everyone's name and says all kinds of words. I need to do her monthly update and list every word she is saying. 

Oh, and she also says I love you! I died the first time she said it and my heart is so close to bursting every time she says it. She'll say "I lub youuuu" in the sweetest little voice. 

I can go on and on about all the words she is saying now but I'll save that for when I get to her monthly post. I'm making it a goal to get it done this week.

Now for two pictures from this evening.


  1. Hiiiii I made the blog, but I need you to help make it cute! PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Oh i linked your blog on my post sooo enjoy love you :)

  2. What great shots! Love the sunflare in that first one! Sounds like she is just talking up a storm huh?! How cute! My little one (almost 2 in another week) is a chatty kathy. She doesn't stop talking EVER! It's too funny!