Monday, July 30, 2012

My Lil Ruffle Butt

I wish that I could wear polka dot one pieces with ruffles around the butt and still look cute like little miss Sophia did today. She even picked this bathing suite out herself today .. I think she did a great job {even though it was a size 12-18 months}. 

I'm actually pretty jealous about all of Sophia's outfits. She has SO many clothes. I need to start doing a weekly post of her and share her outfits. Actually, I need to do one with me too. I buy so much clothes and never wear them. Maybe by doing this I actually get these outfits worn.

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was very relaxing. We didn't do too much. I really can't even remember what we did Friday after work. I've had this headache/migraine since Monday of last week so I'm blaming my laziness and forgetfulness on that. 

I spent all day Saturday cleaning our house and doing loads of laundry and putting them away. That evening me and Soph decided to get out of the house so we had a quick dinner with a group of girls. It was def. needed.

Today {Sunday, I started this post real late} we woke up and had the best breakfast. We took a nap after and then spent the rest of the evening playing outside. Sophia can spend literally all day outside and be the happiest lil girl. 

I realized I've been slacking on using my camera. So I took advantage of it today. Here are a ton {really a ton} of pictures of Soph playing outside in her lil ruffle butt bikini. It's basically our whole day in pictures.  Oh, and please notice her new face. She now sticks her lips out like the picture below. I think she gets that from her daddy.

So Sophia is everywhere now and she is constantly exploring. She will also do things even though I tell her no. Today, she decided she wanted to climb the hill. The hill is not too steep but as a toddler I guess it could be a little difficult to climb. Poor thing had the hardest time climbing up the hill but she did it anyway. She was climbing on both her hands and feet. She was also grunting haha. As soon as she got "far" she decided to come down.. by sliding. She just slid the whole down and I let her and took pictures.

This next picture was right after she slid down. She's like "Mommy, I can't believe you just let me slide all the way down and just watched." I think she even has a little piece of grass on her lip haha.

And now to the MANY pictures of Sophia's new pout/duck face. I think this may be her new smile.

And then we saw this tiny moth {I think that's what it was} that Sophia was terrified of. I guess I was too because I only got close enough to take a picture of it.

Then it was time to cool off and play in the pool.

My mom is probably going to kill in me for posting these next pictures but I think they are too cute. Sophia was copying every face she was making. My mom cleaned like a crazy woman today so that is why she looks the way she does, even though I see nothing wrong with how she looks.

A few more of Sophia and then I'll be done for the night :)

And we ended our evening with a 2 minute cry session because I told her no. Don't worry though, Grandma saved her from it and made it all better by pushing her in her favorite car.

It's so crazy that I was able to capture that many pictures in just a few hours. I need to start doing this more because I know we will appreciate looking back at them. I also like being able to share our days with pictures and just a few words.

Now it's time for this momma to get to sleep. I went to the gym for the first time in 3 months tonight and now I'm up past midnight. I'm going to be sore AND tired tomorrow for work. Can it be the weekend again? Goodnight! 


  1. Great pics ! Your daughter is a doll! Mine is also Sofia ...just spelled the other way :) BTW are your pics SOOC or do you edit them ? and if so what programs do you use for editing? I'm just trying to get some tips....I've been using my DSLR for about 2 yrs now and my pics are ok but I need to learn how to edit them

  2. Also just curious what camera and lens do you shoot with? Right now Im using a Nikon D5000 with 35 and 50 mm lens

  3. These pictures are AWESOME you have such a sweet adorable daughter. Her facial expressions are to die for! I am forever jealous of her suit!

  4. Lovin' the ruffle swimsuit and the duck pout; she is too cute! :)

  5. Seriously, can that bathing suit even get any cuter? I love little pink ruffles so much. Since I got a boy, I get to keep all the pink things to myself!