Monday, February 6, 2012

New Car!

On January 4th Gary & I became owners of a new (to us) 2011 Chevy Cruze!! It was used but barely had any miles on it and was in perfect condition. It's a 2011 & we love it!! We really needed a new car because we were driving my 2 door Chevy Cobalt as our family car. A 2 door is the not the greatest when you have a baby. The Cruze is a lot like the Cobalt but more up to date and a little more room. It's 4 door so its perfect for us.

Gary really liked the Impala and we took it for a drive but after talking to my mom she said the Impala looked like an old woman's car. We really wanted an SUV but the payments weren't really what we wanted. The Cruze is affordable for us right now. I'll be driving it most of the time since I take Sophia to daycare and pick her up. Gary will use my Cobalt for now and hopefully we'll be able to get a new one for him. But I just wanted to get on here real quick while I had time to blog to post about our new car!! :) These pictures aren't the greatest because I took them from my phone. I'll post some better ones later.