Sunday, February 19, 2012

Busy Sunday

Everyone always talks about relaxing on Sundays and just taking it easy. But for me I feel like my Sundays are just the opposite. Actually both Saturday and Sunday are very busy for me.

These are the days that I can actually get things done. Well try to, while being a momma to my baby girl. So I barely have any time to relax. :(

I'm hoping this summer things will slow down and I can spend my summer weekends relaxing and playing with my girl.

Today I woke up early and picked up Soph at her grandparents then went to Lowes. I bought a new refrigerator and some shelves and a dresser for Sophs room. I then went to Baby's R Us and bought the cutest clothes for Sophrhat were on sale. They are going to be perfect for this spring and summer!

I came home and just organized and put together the shelves. Soph has way too much clothes. It's going to take another whole evening to organize just.

There's a lot more we need to do to her room but it'll get there.. soon. We watched some tv and soph passed out pretty early.

Tomorrow she will be 16 months old!! Where does time go? I'll be doing her monthly pics and update {along with the 15 month one. I took the pics just never updates, oops} Goodnight!