Sunday, February 19, 2012

my baby nerd

Sophia found a pair of my glasses that I wear just as an accessory. She thought she was so funny wearing it. She kept putting them on and looking around at everyone and smiling, waiting for us to laugh. She's my little baby nerd.

Even though she looks SO cute in them I hope that her eye sight is perfect as she gets older. I have had to wear glasses/contacts since the 3rd grade. My eye sight is horrible! I'm pretty much blind without them. Gary has no problems with his eye sight so hopefully she takes after him. 

We spent our Saturday cleaning ALL day. When Gary and I moved into our home we kind of made our spare bedroom just the place we put random and unwanted things that didn't want to throw away yet. And we also used Sophia's room just a place to keep all of her clothes since her crib is in our bedroom. Well, yesterday we decided to actually finish the rooms and make them look nice. We cleared out the whole spare bedroom and threw away a ton of stuff that we prob. would never use again. We are going to put a futon, computer desk and a dresser and tv in there. It's got a closet in there so Gary has decided to keep his clothes in there so I can have the closet in our bedroom all to myself!! And then we plan on making Sophia's room all pretty and eventually put her crib in there. I'm too paranoid to have her sleep in a different room but we'll see how that goes.

Sophia decided to get into cabinets and find the powdered sugar while we were cleaning. I turned around as soon as she got it out but she still managed to pour a little on the floor. I just let her play in it for a little and took some pictures. 

We finished all the cleaning we could do for the day and decided to get out of the house. My mom asked to keep Soph for the night so we got her all ready and took her to her grandparents house. Gary and I went to a few stores to find some stuff for the rooms but decided we were too hungry and ended up just going to Applebee's. We came home and stayed up late watching Friday Night Lights. I kind of regret that now because my moms already calling to come get Soph. Hope everyone had a good Saturday!!