Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Country Girl

On Aug. 4 your grandparents came over and we all headed outside to check out the fruit on our fruit trees. One thing about our new house is it's kind of out in the country. It's nice & quiet. We have a really nice yard too that's full of bunnies and deer early in the morning and the evening. The neighborhood is small but full of great of people. Our neighbors are very friendly and even come over with vegetables from their garden. 

Your great grandpa used to have a really nice garden on the property but now we just have the fruit trees. We have apple, pear and peach. Right now the pears are the only thing that are really ripe. They are small but still good. 

While we were out there I saw how pretty everything was and figured it'd be a perfect place to take some pictures of you. They actually turned out SO pretty. You got to pick your own pear and you wouldn't let go of it the rest of the evening. Now that you have teeth you were able to bit into it and eat it. You loved it!!

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