Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crib Time!

I'm still catchin' up and just going by pictures I've taken. On Aug. 3 I put you in your crib with all your toys so I could clean in the bedroom. I would look over and you'd be standing up in your crib!! You'd pull yourself and just stand there and "talk" to me. You would also have your mouth over the top of the crib.

Anytime I would leave the room just for a second you'd start crying :( I've started to notice that you are afraid of a lot of stuff. Just like your mommy. If a vacuum or blender is on you get SO scared. And your grandma said that there is a baby doll at the daycare that laughs and talks and you are afraid of that. You poor thing. Here's your scared face.

As long as I'm in the room with you, your fine and you actually like sitting in your crib with all your toys.

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